naked puts system

Naked Puts Extreme is An Aggressive System for Selling Naked Puts that Essentially Swing Trades Naked Options

Combine Naked Puts Extreme with Naked Call Extreme and Develop Your Own Net Worth Explosion

  • Learn how to use correct money management with naked options
  • Discover how to place stop losses accurately
  • Learn our unique swing trading strategy with naked puts.
  • Capture In the Money premium while avoiding getting assigned stock.
  • Learn how to “roll out” in naked options the right way – for the sake of making more money on a continual swing (vs. rolling down to average out a loss – the old way)
  • Now you have price action and time premium on your side while taking out big chucks of puts with this aggressive swing trading strategy
  • Exact entries, stop losses and profit taking mechanisms included.


 Price: $2497

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