The 1 Hour Week Trading for a Good Living Course

Think about this: What if you were able to actually have to work more than one hour a week and… If you worked anymore and that you would probably messed things up?!

Now the concept of a one hour work sounds pretty cool doesn’t it. It sounds pretty far-fetched.  It seems really crazy.  No way you could be real right?  Let me prove to you right here and right now that it is very real and it’s actually possible, for you!

So what is this one hour work week? It’s the ability to trade for a living or as you place your orders within a few minutes and night if any order is even needed and that’s it.

You log in to your broker account.  You look at your charts on the particular stock or stocks your trading options upon.  You ask yourself do I have an entry? Do I need to move my trail stop? And that’s it. That’s your new job!

Now of course in order to get to this status you’re going to have to figure out a couple things. When you’re going to have to figure out a method of trading where as you can actually trade this way. Two you’re going to have to believe in that way of trading which simply comes from a lot of testing of the system back in time, what I call ” historic paper trading” by shoving the chart to the right and using your right arrow key, then you start demo account Trading and then you start training with very small positions. Then you build your confidence up knowing that your system is a very sound one that can stand the test of time. when done all this then you’re ready to employ a trading system.  And that’s your new job!

So if you look to go for solid trading systems that can stand the test of time you can certainly put yourself in a great position to trade for a living. Brandon in order to get to the point of trading for a living you’re going to have to methodically grow your account overtime to where your position sizes grow to a point where they produce plenty of extra cash flow.

On the other hand he may not want to go Hog Wild for a while because you may want to grow and compound your trading account over till I’m so you can be able to trade bigger and bigger positions for bigger and bigger chunks of cash flow profits.

But once you get to the point where you’re happy with the amount of cash flow you’re generating then you’re set. And you’ve entered the realm of the one hour work week!

Check out this course. This course will give you insight and ideas on approaches to actually make this happen.

  • Understand the logic of trading and the trading Math logic needed to make this happen.
  • Discover how to find or create trading systems in the style that can give you a great potential for trading for a good living and then compounding returns in your trading account over time the right way for potential very large trading account sizes
  • Learn about the pitfalls involved. Learn from our experience in the markets for now 30 years.
  • Learn how to win and install a winning mindset that simply get you to do the winning things and avoid the loser things
  • Learn about money management and Money Management math – a most important factor that is often overlooked and the final piece of the puzzle for many have been struggling and trading.