How to Retire Soon and Early By Becoming a Master Strategy Trader with Covered Calls Training & Strategy Mastery Program

Learn What We Simply Call “Covered Calls2.0” that Goes Well Beyond the Hoaky & Lame Covered Call Selling Taught by Books and Seminars of the Past.    

Covered Calls 2.0 Allows You to Combine Price Action with Exact Entries and Exits to Scoop Much More Profit Out of Each Call Sold in Combination with New Covered Call Enhancing Strategies for Making More Money

Here’s the bottom line on why you going to join this program. We’re going to look cover from every angle how to become wildly Successful by strategically selling covered calls for potential far more profits off your stock portfolio.

Many people are retired and they just don’t know it.

They don’t understand the strategies on how to smartly pull out large chunks of cash even on a weekly basis from covered call selling. What’s even better is that will teach you our strategies vasily enhancing covered call selling approach so you can make money and up markets down markets and sideways markets, choppy markets, channeling markets Etc.

The great thing about having a covered calls portfolio is that it has a certain mind set. It is a wealth-building mindset. This mindset has the perspective of using covered calls as a cash producing asset.

What are covered calls? It is an option combination strategy where you sell options against the stock that you already own. So covered calls selling is considered a safe strategy by brokers and they allow you to do covered call selling in your retirement accounts.

But what is safe? What is that supposed to mean, besides safe for them? You don’t want to lose any money, you want to make money. So safety will come in learning several strategies and mastering them so therefore you will be able to get in at the right times while avoiding getting into mediocre covered scenarios, which is even more important.

There is a lot to learn in covered calls selling and that’s why we’ve made this membership. We want to teach you these things from our very long experience in the market and from the systems and strategies we’ve made over time.

Covered calls returns can be enhanced by following our priced based entry and exit strategies by capturing more premium by coordinating with price swings.

Covered Calls Writing is the same as Covered Calls Selling

Covered Calls Explained – we’re going to teach you covered calls in a much more detailed and deep way vs. what you learn from most others and options books or covered calls books.

Advanced covered calls training so you’ll be able to have the opportunity for capturing MULTIPLE paychecks PER WEEK.