Investor Trends and Fortunes with Options LEAPS Course 1

Investor Trends and Fortunes with Options LEAPS Course

What’s an investor trend?

An investor trend is a longer-term we look to ride very specifically and strategically for very large profits. We’ll use our understanding of options in order to take advantage of a very big stock trend for a fraction of the cost and for a huge potential returns, ROI.

Most people tend to overlook the concept of using a longer-term option. Because options are leverage they are drawn to the concept of Leverage.

Drawings of the concert for leverage they want more leverage and more leverage. So this it’s that mindset to trade shorter and shorter expirations looking for the bigger score faster. Well I have a lesson to teach you…

And making money trying to make money faster often is the slowest way to make money. That may sound strange but truly indeed the turtle wins the race. Those who are methodical strategic can build wealth.

But those who want to get rich fast, or at least have the mindset of getting rich quick, then quicker and quicker usually tend to lose.

And what’s a LEAPS?  It’s an simply an option out past a year that usually expires in January.

It’s time to slow down in order to speed up.

It’s time to get in the game and develop a plan and work it. It’s time to not work so hard at trying to make money. The harder you work towards making money usually the less of it you make. That may sound strange but look around…

In this course we’re going to explore the possibilities and look at how an investor Trend can be determined.

Essentially an investor trend lasts one to two years. Understand that there are certain trending price cycles and on a year-to-year basis you could see very large moves.

If you focus on trading investor trends with LEAPS  you could potentially compound absolute stunning fortunes overtime with very little work involved.

How can I say very little work involve question well when you learn how to become strategic and systematic in determining your entry into the trend then all you need to do is simply wait for your entry to appear then go take 5 to 10 min place your order.

And if that Trend works out then you may not have to do a thing for an entire year. Because many times the trend last at least the entire year. You’ll see more about this in the course.

So get excited you’re about to learn a great new way in perspective for trading markets.

You’re going to think like those who know how to build wealth and keep it. Time to exit the realm for working hard for little and start to think in terms of Building Wealth.

And understand this: The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You don’t have to have a lot of money to start.

You can start with one contract, ” getting the game” which will keep you focused and ready to grow over time. Amber options are leveraged so if you even hit one contract into a good investor Trend then at one contra turn into a lot of money relatively speaking.

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