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JackPOT Options Cyclone Montly Trend System 1

“Hit JackPOTs Trading the Monthly Trend Cycle Phenomenon” > Now Called Cyclone CORE

JackPOT Options Trading System Cyclone CORE  – Take advantage of easy, big moves as the trend shifts from month to month.  Net out months over time for potential drastic profits as you’ll see when you get more information and access the track record.


  • Stack up potential profits over time with very little thought needed
  • Some months will give you smashing power trend home runs
  • The lesser months are well managed.


  • Easy trades 1 to 3 trades a month
  • Monthly trend cycles are there.  It’s a waste not to take a few minutes a month to capture them.
  • The systematic approach ensures that you don’t miss big moves.

JackPOT Options Cyclone Montly Trend System 3