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Credit Spreads Trading Can Be a Great Way to Profit from Options Premium Decay While Making Potential Good Percentage Profits off of Small Moves in a Stock.

In fact you need only to be ‘right’ by one cent to keep all the credit you take in when you place a credit spread.

Options credit spread systems can be used for cash flow.  You can use our systems below to help you achieve this. We will be expanding on this concept as well and the future with some radical new systems.  What am I talking about?

Well thanks to the secrets we learn from years of development of binary options systems one secret carries across from binary options into to the world of credit spreads. And with vanilla options, there’s no limit and how many we can do and size.  Stay tuned on our newsletter or inquire if curious.

Put the power of time decay in your favor.  Collect rotting premium as cash profit into your account.

  • You can place credit spreads away from the current price in hopes that the stock never achieves that price so you get to keep all of that premium
  • You can trade credit spreads in a way reviving most of the benefits that come with selling naked puts yet with far less margin
  • Credit spreads can be used in swing trading
  • Profit can be made with Credit spreads by placing them at resistance points
  • Credit can be captured by placing credit spreads at breakout points.
  • We focus on pull put spreads and bear call spreads

Credit Spread Products

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1. Credit Spread Mastery – Learn the details, secrets, creative strategies (i.e. “super spreads), tricks, tips (how to help avoid having your short put exercised) that come from many years of creative application and testing of credit spread trading.   Instead of ‘investing’ in a portfolio of stocks learn to invest in a portfolio of monthly expiration credit spreads.   Discover the benefits of credit spreads and why many feel better using credit spreads due to the initial  ‘risk buffer’ if the trade goes against them.

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2. Credit Spread Extreme – It’s time to get aggressive with credit spreads.  Learn to treat credit spreads similar to naked puts (without the massive margin requirements), place double spreads, trade with our special credit spread swing trading system. Capture profit from movement in the stock.  Capture premium decay too!  Aim for more aggressive returns.

NBP619(2)3. HOT!  Weekly Options Credit Spreads – Now you have 4 times the number of profit opportunities every month!  Take advantage of fat and fast decaying premiums in weekly options.  Weekly options are hot. You absolutely need to learn how to take advantage of them.  We will show you our Weekly Options Credit Spread System in this course.

Here are Credit Spreads Systems from the Options Weekly Paychecks format:

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GATLIN Powerful Precision Swing Trading Credit Spreads Options Systems

What if You Could Add an Extra $1700, $4400, $8800 Per Week Paycheck to  Your Income Trading 10 Minutes a Day?

 GS7 Credit Spread System  – starter system for selling credit spreads in a much smarter way.  Options Weekly Paychecks Credit Spreads Starter System OZ4Provides a Low Maintenance Way of Selling Weekly Options Credit Spreads BANDIT7 Credit Spreads Micro Swing Trading System for Weekly Paychecks Using Weekly Options …

How does an Extra $3000 a WEEK Paycheck Sound to You?

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 Credit Spreads Course  

Learn credit spreads trading in much better ways vs. popular and very lame teaching that’s been floating around for quite some time.  Discover how you can sell options, take advantage of quickly rotting premium decay with credit spreads.  Also learn our concepts of treating vanilla credit spreads like binary options for much more cash flow.  Plus a lot more….

 Credit Spreads Basics.  Discover the risks and errors, pitfalls to avoid with credit spreads.