Through the Weekly Weekly Options Strategy PremiumJack3 we look to take advantaged of plump premiums in weekly options that rapidly decay, handing out ‘free money’ for those who know how to position themselves correctly.

Using Weekly Options Strategy PremiumJack3 we are going to position ourselves so we can NET cash flow on a weekly basis.

Weekly options are better for selling if you are to play them more than one day, meaning hold them overnight.  If you’re day trading, buying puts and buying calls can be phenomenal.  But due to the leverage, large premium rapid decay and the propensity for ‘random emotionalism’ of the overnight markets holding weekly options overnight can lead to less success.

If the stock doesn’t move much or moves in your favor you’ll be amazed how quickly profits can add up as the premiums you sold short evaporate (you make money when premiums evaporate when short the option).

  • Learn about weekly options “credit spreads” and how to collect cash profits while capping your risks
  • See how current weekly options pricing and tight bid/ask spreads offers us great opportunity
  • Discover how to sell credit around our style of  support and resistance points for entry clarity
  • Receive our Options Money Management Strategy so you can steadily grow your account in a smart way eventually hitting ‘critical mass’ with a winning trading method.  Hitting ‘critical mass’ means you’ll be at the point to where you position sizing becomes large enough that it’s very exciting.
  • Learn to create a systematic plan so your trading can be consistent allowing you to potentially net out the results you want over time


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