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Exactly How It’s Done!

Do You Lose Consistently in Your Trading and Investing?


Good!  We Can Work with Consistency.

What if I told you that with a little shift here and a little re-grooving of your brain there – that  you’re fixable?


I created a course that I KNOW will help you become a better trader, if not a great trader from this day forward.

Why did I make this course?  Well I became tired of watching people around me and some students continually find new ways of losing, screwing up a system or strategy.  I felt bad to see them suffer, stuck in an emotional/psychological loop that I knew I could help them escape.

In a way, every trader on the planet should pick up a copy of this course.  But that said – we don’t want every trader on the planet to pick up this course because those guys not in the know provide opportunity for those IN the know, that is those who have mastered this course.

I’ve learned many things about losing and winning in trading, investing, daytrading amongst other things over the past 30+ years in the markets.   In my quest to become a great trader, a master trader, one of the greatest traders of all time… I began proactive testing of every angle, nook and cranny in trading from mechanics to inner game psychology, success mindsets.  I’m hear today because I want to share with  you a few things that could help put you out of your misery and suffering that comes with being a stinky trader.

No one is born a good trader. Good trading is ‘counter emotional’. (I would definitely not say it’s ‘counter intuitive’ since i made a ‘mini fortune’ in my youth trading only through a well developed intuition.)  Emotional based trading is 99.8% wrong.  You must learn how to trade well first mentally, then emotionally.  And often times our emotions will still give us a problem – but I have a fix for that as you’ll find in this course.

I started trading and investing at an early age – thanks to my dad.  I developed a very good ‘soul access’ based intuition for the markets, particularly for riding ‘story trends’.  As I grew older I started reading more active trading books (instead of “just” Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch …).

Look I feel your pain. I wasn’t always a winner in trading. Yes it’s true.  I stared out a winner from a very young age – some even called me a child prodigy in stock investing because I kept ‘picking’ doubles and triples (I developed a strategy at a young age I didn’t tell people about;).  Yes that was fine for several years. But then I got bored.   And that boredom got be to start to fool around with gimmick, hot popular strategies of the day.
For a period of hype I let my self buy into some bad trading philosophy, the hot ‘what was accidentally working now’ in trading way of thinking from a variety of shiny options books I let my self buy.  It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to my but many were pulling in 6,7, and 8 figs at the time (and it was a raging bull market at that time).
Well soon the hype ended.  Priced action conviction became very confused.  We hadn’t seen non ultra bullish price behavior in some time. The bull market broke and so did all of those hyped strategies.  My intuition was giving me nothing.  Even Warren sat on his hands.  And those ultra bull only strategies fell apart in a big and bad way. 
Then came the losing streak.  I tried to force super hyped strategies of others.  That didn’t work to well.  I became impatient. 

The options books I read were not good, going against my developed intuition.   There was a lot of hype surrounding a few of those books so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and I gave them a fair testing.   “Hey, maybe there was a “whole new world” of the markets I was missing; I should give it a shot…”, I thought.  So I began following their 1/2 baked nonsense and started to find my self in new territory alright – losing territory!  And consistently losing territory to boot!

“What the…”  I started getting frustrated.  Finally I took a step back. I took a break.  The losing was eating into my years of winning following my intuition.  After I regained my perspective (and threw away those garbage trading books) I was able to snap out of my losing trance.  And I noticed a couple of things…

That losing period ended up being one of the most profitable things I’ve done!  How is that?  I was able to see the markets in a new light. Deeper understanding of the markets were revealed to me by going through that experience.

I studied my losing trades and found a certain consistency in that losing.  And that all I needed to do was simple make a couple little tweaks in what I was doing and I could start consistently winning.  Better yet, I found out that I could simply use by brain, my mind, trade cerebrally, verses all of that hard, all consuming focus I needed for intuitive trading before.  And Bingo!  Chachingo!  I had a breakthrough!

Do you know how much easier it is to succeed in trading with your mind vs. your heart (emotions) or soul (intuition)? !!

Hours per day and night were reduced to 5 minutes of thinking or less.   I was able to simply get on the right side of the markets.    When the markets gave, I took.  When the markets were not giving, I “went fishin” – relaxed, did nothing until I got my signals, meaning I wasn’t trying to make up some trade for the sake of it.  Most importantly I was WINNING and winning on a scale I never achieved before.  And on top of that my ‘work load’ was reduced to 30 minutes a week!

Are You Struggling with Losing in the Markets?

Are You Wondering Why You Keep Loosing – As if You’re “Cursed”?

It’s OK.  Most do.  You’re not alone and it’s not your fault.  Media and marketing over the past several decades are mostly to blame, pummeling your mind with nonsense

Yet the only way out is to learn how to win in the markets.  And if you are a consistent loser in the markets, then there is a reason for that and that’s good news believe it or not!

And I hope you know the marketplace wants to take your money just as you want to take money from the marketplace.  But it’s more complicated, more strange than that!  The ‘marketplace’ is like a ‘living being’ and there are two essential manifestations of that ‘being’.

The first of which comes in the image of an ‘enemy’ or ‘thief’, although bound by parameters of the game.  This manifestation of the marketplace wants to seduce, woo and con you out of all of your money, every last cent of your money.

Most traders are basically “Market Tools” meaning that the market is “tooling you” all over the place suckering you out of most of your money.  It sucks!  “Why do I always lose?”  “Why am I such a failure?” “Aghhh!  Every time I get into a stock it goes down!!” – common statements of someone who is simply Out Of Phase with the markets.

But don’t worry. If you’re a consistent loser, that’s going to be a good thing going forward.  We can work with that!

From the moment you step into the trading arena this ‘marketplace’ manifestation woos and seduces you as a hypnotist would by getting you to fall into the trance through the ebb and flow of price action, up and down.  If you stare too intently at price charts or if you follow the prices too closely, if you check up on prices too closely you’ll get hooked.

Price action will stir and trigger certain emotions,”emotional bait”  Once those emotions are triggered (apprehension, excitement, the fear of ‘missing out’, elation etc… etc… ) and you ‘take the bite’, you’ll be hooked and the market will lead you to where it wants you to go, to what it wants you to do – which is to do all the exact trades that are near perfectly wrong to you but end up giving the marketplace all of your money!

Can I get an AMEN!

Do you know what I’m talking about?  If you’ve done much trading I think you know what I’m talking about.

But yet, there is a 2nd manifestation of the marketplace.   Maybe a little more positive.   And remember, I am speaking of your internals, what happens on your insides as you start trading, reacting to the market’s price action, to a particular price instrument, stock and options in this case.

This second manifestation is what I call “Mr. Market”, similar to what Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham call “Mr. Market”.  Mr. Market is kind of like a stern, wise father figure who punishes bad behavior but rewards good behavior.  In fact, if you get in sync with Mr. Market and are obedient to Mr. Market’s ways and rules, Mr. Market can be extremely generous!  I will teach you how to get in sync with Mr. Market, exactly!!

I will show you  how to simply and logically get in phase with Mr. Market giving you the very clear ability to potentially net a fortune over time.  You won’t be able to argue it when you see this.  This will give you hope!  From there, add sound money management and position sizing and you’re off to the races!

Well I’m here to tell you today that If you are a consistent loser, good!    I will teach you why you are a consistently loser and how EXACTLY to become a consistent winner.  The rest will be up to you.  You will need to implement and practice the good trading principles.  But you can do it “little by little, inch by inch…its a cinch (or however that saying goes…).

One fellow went through a similar process, according to the story of what I’m going to teach you and broke the Guinness world book of records in trading.  With some goal setting in addition to setting you in phase with Mr. Market plus “tagging” emotional traps to correct actions, I bet you maybe able to have a super trader transformation story of your own!

EVERYONE needs this course.  The ‘spell’ of the markets is just too strong.  We are all susceptible over time to get sucked back in unless you use this course to re groove your brain so deeply that you’ll never go back making you just about immune to the markets ‘siren song’.

Making money in options is one thing, keeping that money and then even growing what you kept is another ball game.  I never hear of anyone talking about this but you need to learn how to make, keep and grow.

I’ll also teach you more about what to do after you make money.  This is important.  You don’t want to make a bunch of money and then go nuts and lose it (you can read about some famous traders who did this – because they did not have a plan what to do with their money.)  I personally freaked out with when I was close to 7 figures in my account the first time when I was 26 and had some wise advisors help me work through the emotions and start to develop a plan for the profits.  I’ll explain advanced steps for profits. (and fortunately now you have available several net worth builder trading systems into which you can assign your faster earnings).

So you make money.  How do you keep it and grow it?  Most amateurs who finally or accidentally figure out how to hit a trend  think they’ve figured out the magic formula.  After the trend is over, granted they ride the trend that far, they get excited, and more aggressive, right into post trend choppiness.   See the dramatization:

winninginoptionscatexample Winning in Options

There are several factors that go into winning initially, for making money in options.  I’ll tell you what those are.  And I’ll tell you how to setup a plan so you can eventually simplify winning, the making, keeping and growing of your money, all the way down to a success habit of 10 minutes a day.  Yes, you can do simple repeated actions each day and make money, keep that money and grow that money over time in a very methodical way.  In fact due to the vicissitudes of life causing distraction, stirring up emotion  my method maybe the only way for short, medium and long term growing success.

Let’s get to work.  Identify the losing issues and turn them into winning assets, arming you with many helpful techniques to overcome your humanity and reap the benefits “Mr. Market” has to offer.

You can purchase “The Millionaire Maker Consistent Loser to Consistent Winner” for $97.

So what’s it worth if you can finally fix your losing and get in the groove with the market place so you could win most of the time?.

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