Imagine Being Able to Spot a Trading Opportunity and Immediately React for Very Large Profits Using Options Extracting Money Out of the Markets Nearly At Will. . .

Having trouble putting it ‘all together’ in your options trading? Having problems consistently netting out profits and growing those profits? Maybe it’s time you take the Next Step, get in the game, increase your knowledge and increase your ability to correctly Apply options strategies. And after all of that, what if you had a system of EXACT entry, stop loss and profit taking? Hopefully by now you’ve gone through Options 100 and built your belief structure, Options 101 and gotten your mechanics down.  Now it’s time to complete the journey and become a real, professional grade options trader.

 What if You Could Consistently Win in Options Trading Over Time – Year After Year, After Year Netting Out Profit Which You Would Keep, Compound, Grow?

What Could Life Be Like…

Well this is certainly possible.  And the difference between what you will become versus the mindless masses who ‘wing it’ and insultingly,  treat trading as a gimmick is that you will learn to develop a trading plan just as a business plan for a real business with the seriousness as publicly traded companies treat their business plans. You will start to pick up on this from Options Mastery 102. Once you learn how to distance yourself from the markets and create solid, tested trading plan with a trading system you can start to potentially chart your own success course in life.   There are vast riches available from the options market place. Will you be the next who learns how to smartly trade options systematically with proper money management position sizing and break through into 7, 8, 9 figures…?  You should plan on it and set a goal right now to do so.

“Powerful, Powerful Options Resource that Anyone Who Claims to Really Want Options Trading Success Must Have.  Even Us Pros”

Benefits to Your Purchase of Options Mastery 102 

greencheckLearn to Trade Options Professionally for a Good Living with Trading Education that Surpasses the Highest Available Options Trading Education Available Today.
greencheckLearn from Traders Who Actually Trade and Who’ve Actually Traded Options for Many, Many Years.
greencheckSolid education with the ambition to cover every facet of options trading education.
greencheckNew ideas in options, new concepts in options education as inspired over time
greencheck Learn MOMMS – Magical Options Money Management System and learn how to position size and compound your options correctly
greencheckActually, Learn to Trade Options BETTER Than Many Professionals Pulling in Far More Options Profit Points on a Consistent Basis than Most
greencheckOptions education with the direct, practical approach to Trading Options for the intent of actually MAKING MONEY and Keeping Money and Growing that Money – the main and only reason you should be trading options (vs. trading for thrills or jack pot wins)
greencheckLearn how to hit home runs in your options trading on a consistent basis, the right way, so you can potentially NET out and keep large profits
greencheckSurround yourself with smart options trading mentality.  Refer back to our materials, videos and audios as you progress and learn.  You’ll understand more the more you practice and trade.  Keep smart our smart trading principles infront of you to help get you or get you back on track.
greencheckLearn Advanced and Super Advanced Option Strategies, the Nitty Gritty Details and the Practical Application of those Advanced Options Strategies
greencheckLearn Creative New Proprietary Options Strategies
greencheckLearn How Win in Options – How to Win in Trading – How to Win!  Ultimate performance coaching.  Knowledge + Beliefs + Systems + Tools + ‘Showtime’.  Learn how You can Stop losing.  Break Through the Winning Barrier for Good
greencheckSuccessful Trades Codes Cracked.  How do you hit home runs in Options?  How do you milk mind boggling cash flows from options?  Here’s a secret tip that will get you success faster than you ever day dreamed possible – Copying Success.  We’ll break it down successful examples and with our experience
greencheckContinuing Advanced Options Education, Secrets, Tricks and Frame of Mind to actually succeed on a consistent basis in Options
greencheckWant to learn how to spot potential and probably successful options trades?  Then study past option trade setups, based on the charts, so you can anticipate, stalk the next big options trading opportunity while avoiding getting chewed up in some mediocre opportunity or consolidation, flip flop zone that causes loss in your options.
greencheckHey, you know that if you tasted options trading success that the possibility of trading options success the rest of your life is very high. So you mind as well, actually you better get good at options trading so you can avoid mistakes and actually prevent much loss while prevent your self from missing out on huge opportunity.
greencheckLearn options strategies, learn the details of options without getting too bogged down in the intricate math and Greeks of options price figuring so you can understand the nature and behavior of options in general and the nature and behavior of different options characteristics on different character stocks.
greencheckTake the “easy”, practical, direct way to understanding various, brain straining options strategies.  We’ll explain these strategies in plain English from many different angles so maybe you’ll get it, maybe the ratio back spread concept will sink in, maybe you’ll finally understand when and where and on what to use a strangle, maybe you’ll actually try out a condor, maybe you’ll actually understand the right way to sell a naked put, maybe you’ll understand the best times to use a bull call spread…
greencheckLearn and relearn missing fundamentals of options trading that you may never have heard about before or that you skipped in your options training.

Have You Been Burned Before by The Options Market?

 Options Trading Authority “Options Mastery Program”

  •  Why You Need This: There are volumes of important information still  to be learned about options trading.  Sheer facts in addition to the insights and creative solutions created by over 14 years of in the trenches options trading.
  • We give you GOOD Stuff… I believe the content of this course has the potential to A. Open up your eyes to put another $100,000 in your pocket per year (or that month) alone.  B. Totally, potentially turn your entire trading career around possibly putting that last remaining piece of the puzzle to your trading brilliance in place launching you all the way into a permanently successful options trading career.  How? We’ll push your thinking all the way to actually, making, keeping and growing options profits while providing you the knowledge, tools, resources and direction to going all the way!
  • Let us distill that information and present it to you in a practical commonsense way – making the complexities op options really simply.  We reveal our own techniques we use to make it simple to understand options.
  • Learn how to master options strategies month by month as we delve into details while showing you practical applications in many creative ways
  • Increase your options knowledge and skills
  • Success Examples you can study.  We’ll breakdown successful deals to study and to learn.
  • Creative, if not borderline genius strategically approaches to making money in options.
  • New options strategies revealed!
  • New ways to trade stock systems or basic stock moves, stock chart patterns, moving averages… you name it now made possible with super creative options strategies!

Winning and Options.  Avoid Losing, Becoming and Options Loser and Break Through that Invisible Barrier to Consistent Options Winning

  • How to Keep Your Eye On the Prize While First Identifying the Prize Implanting the Drive Deep Down
  • Building and Ego, a Very Large One with High, Excellent Standards
  • Reformatting Your Beliefs into Winning Beliefs
  • Mastery of Mechanics
  • Understanding of Concepts Why What Works and for What Reason
  • Creating Powerful Goals that Must be Accomplished
  • Attitude and levels of seriousness
  • Distilling Good Habits Weeding Out Bad Habits
  • Money Management Magic Secrets
  • Developing and Finding the Underlying Trading Systems that will Carry Your Options Success
  • Emulating Winning Trades Doing What Works and Doing it Over and Over Again for Net Profit
  • Options Trading, Trading ‘Super Power’ Absorption – The Fastest Way to Success in Trading is to Copy Exactly What Successful Traders Do – Absorb the Essence of Makes them Tick in Trading.
  • Emotional Management
  • Surrounding Yourself with Winners
  • Removing Losers from Your Life
  • Accessing the Center of Right and Wrong, The Intuition by passing emotional blockage
  • Assessing and Specific Improvements Turning it Up a Notch
  • Much more… Much more to come, created over time at inspiration…

Successful Home Run Trades Codes Cracked:

Discover success by studying successful examples. Learn how to spot future large opportunities with options by studying past trading setups based on the charts. We look at chart pattern events and show you how you could have traded those setups with options, with various options strategies. Once you study enough success you’ll be able to duplicate it!

Options Strategies advanced training: Learn practical options strategy combination such as straddles, strangles, spreads, covereds, nakeds, super spreads in addition to their application to price charts with indicators. Learn to develop money making strategies! You’ve seen enough theory in various options courses and books. It’s time to make it all happen and actually make money, make money consistently and make a lot of money.

Let’s be frank and not forget that we do options trading to make money from small money, take advantage of collecting small premiums by selling options or make large sums of money quickly. Otherwise, why trade options? We need to FORCE the issue and make ourselves plan out a path over the next several decades to success in options. We need CLARITY on what we want from options trading, our goals. Then we need CLARITY on the steps it takes to get there. “Measure Twice Cut Once” is an old proverb in carpentry.

Practical Application of Options Strategies According to the Chart:

Now knowing how to place an options strategy means nothing if you don’t know when and where to put in on. Practical application and secret strategies for taking advantage of all sorts of opportunities on the charts. Learn how to identify the proper strategy for opportunity off the price charts. This is an extremely valuable service that gets you into the insights of 5, 6 and 7 figure trades showing you combinations of options strategies and price chart triggers. Selling Naked Options Strategies, Aggressive Strategies, Big Money Made Huge Money Strategy The Free Stock Strategy, The Free Options Strategy, Credit Spreads Strategies, Credit Spread Portfolio, Credit Spread Pick off, Intelligent Covered Call Strategies, Aggressive covered calls concepts, Superspreads and more…

Basic Overlooked Options Trading Mechanics – Back and Fill, Order Placing Fundamentals and Timing

Oh, you may think this sounds boring, but if someone, us, can do a quick video or audio that can point out facts, fundamentals, definitions of terms (i.e. “Gamma – measures the ‘speed of speed’ of the option’s price change… How much and how quickly the stock needs to go to reach our option performance goals…). In other words – we get you the boring stuff and make it easy and fun to learn or re learn.

Learn Creative new Proprietary Options Strategies:

Price patterns and new price behaviors in stock call for different options strategies. See how to get creative to take advantage of stellar potential new moves.  Creative strategies for extreme pivot points. Creative strategies for new high or new low breakouts. Creative strategies for putting your covered calls on steroids + gamma radiation.  Creative combinations of options with price chart events. Extremely unique and valuable.

Secrets of a Million Dollar Trader:

Millions upon Millions of dollars in Trading Lessons learned from trial and error, pain and pleasure, success and ignorance, brilliance and stupidity. If you can understand these secrets you’ll avoid millions of dollars in losses and stop yourself from missing out on tens of millions in profits. We are going to give you concepts every month on how you can map out and plan out how to get to your first million dollars by trading options.

Advanced Strategies You’ll Learn… The practical application of these strategies – when, how, where to use these strategies to strike at opportunity times based mostly on price charts and in combinations with stock trading systems.

  • Bull Call Spreads
  • Bear Put Spreads
  • Bull Put Spreads
  • Bear Put Spreads
  • Naked Puts
  • Naked Calls
  • Covered Calls
  • Straddles
  • Strangles and variations
  • Calendar Spreads Calls and Puts
  • Diagonal Calls and Puts
  • L.E.A.P.S.
  • And much more…
  • Strategy Intro:  Covered calls portfolio.
  • Strategy Intro:  Free Stock Technique
  • Strategy Intro:  Free Options Technique
  • Strategy Intro:  Naked Options Done Right
  • Strategy Intro:  Credit Spreads Cashflow
  • “Holy Grail” options trading:
  1. How to put on a strangle why and when
    1. How far out do we buy the strangle?
    2. How to put on an uneven strangle
    3. Time decay verses the move
    4. Failed breakouts and how the less favored side of the strangle can actually become a good money maker.
    5. The nice feeling when you get your desired run.  
  2. How to put on a bull call spread and why
  3. How to sell naked puts and why Naked Puts Explained
    1. The mechanics
    2. The Benefits
    3. The pitfalls
    4. The sucker strategy
    5. Getting assigned the stock – how to handle  
  4. Bull Put Spreads Explained:  Why, When, Advantages and Disadvantages…
  5. Covered Calls Explained:  Why, When, Advantages and Disadvantages
  6. Video 17:  How to put on a strangle why and when
  7. How far out do we buy the strangle?
  8. How to put on an uneven strangle
  9. Time decay verses the move
  10. Failed breakouts and how the less favored side of the strangle can actually become a good money maker.
  11. The nice feeling when you get your desired run.  
  1. How to put on a bull call spread and why
  2. How to sell naked puts and why Naked Puts Explained
    1. The mechanics
    2. The Benefits
    3. The pitfalls
    4. The sucker strategy
    5. Getting assigned the stock – how to handle  
  3.  Bull Put Spreads Explained:  Why, When, Advantages and Disadvantages…
  4.  Covered Calls Explained:  Why, When, Advantages and Disadvantages…
  5.  Understanding L.E.A.P.S and why to use them and why to not use them for large potential profits over long term trends.
  6.  Bear call spreads explained.
  7.  Bear put spreads explained.
  8.  how to put on a straddle why and when
    1. Dealing with expense.
    2. Times, opportunities on charts.  
    3. The pitfalls of straddles.

Just Some of the Creative Options Strategies that You’ll Learn About

  • Super Spreads
  • Long term spreads
  • Short term spreads
  • Credit Spread Cash flow
  • Chart Pattern Explosion
  • Chart Pattern Strangles
  • Naked Options Premium with Limited Risk
  • Discount Stock Buying
  • Free Calls
  • Free Puts
  • And the innovation continues…

It’s Decision Time…

YES!  Sign Me Up to Options Trading Authority’s Practical Options Mastery Program

  • I want to ensure my potential options trading success for years to come by developing options trading goals and plans
  • I want to learn more and more about profitable options trading so I have options down cold.
  • I want to know how to hit home run options trades by studying and discovering the secrets from previous home run options trade
  • I want to be able to trade stocks in any price directions:  fast or slow, up, down or sideways… even flatline!
  • I need to know how and why I would need to use a different options strategy
  • I want to stop missing those big moves, after move, after move because it’s driving me nuts just leaving millions of dollars, literal millions of dollars in big moves I keep missing month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year on stocks that I could have and should have been capturing with options!   Enough is enough!  I can’t stand it anymore! Those big trends in AAPL, GS, GOOG and even DELL, CAT, QQQQ… keep passing me by and I’m doing an injustice to what I could be.  I’m ready NOW to take control of my financial future!
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