Install Winning in Options Trading into Yourself and Uninstall Losing

There is a reason why you lose in trading, actually there are several exact reasons.  Find out how to spot these reasons for losing and remove them from your being!

Winning in Options distills core focal points of successful options trading that you need to set your mind upon in order to be consistently successful in options trading, and win!

Making money in options is one thing, keeping that money and then even growing what you kept is another ball game.  I never hear of anyone talking about this but you need to learn how to make, keep and grow.

If you don’t have a plan of what to do with money before you make it, it may be hard for  you to keep it, especially if you have not been through all of our training programs. Money can come very fast in options and your emotions, your limiting beliefs (i.e. ‘money is evil’ or ‘if you’re a millionaire your a bad greedy person’ etc…) can get you to do really dumb, crazy things to lose your winnings.  That’s not good and it needs to be fixed.

Loser Traits to Avoid that We’ll Discuss:

  • You are what you believe you are.  You become what you keep programming yourself to become
  • How to aviod picking up “loser unsuper powers” from others or even media that you can absorb without even being totally aware

Secret Techniques to Become a Winner in Trading

  • A new personal “reformatting” technique for totally and completely transforming yourself into a winner who wins and winning is all you do.  Mind blowing discovery for fixing your inner game for good.

So you make money.  How do you keep it and grow it?  Most amateurs who finally or accidentally figure out how to hit a trend and score great profits think they’ve figured out the magic formula.  After the trend is over, granted they ride the trend that far, they get excited, and more aggressive, right into post trend choppiness.   See the dramatization:

There are several factors that go into winning initially, for making money in options.  I’ll tell you what those are.  And I’ll tell you how to setup a plan so you can eventually simplify winning, the making, keeping and growing of your money, all the way down to a success habit of 10 minutes a day.

Yes, you can do simple repeated actions each day and make money, keep that money and grow that money over time in a very methodical way.  In fact due to the vicissitudes of life causing distraction, stirring up emotion  my method maybe the only way for short, medium and long term growing success.

This course differs from the Millionaire Maker Consistent Loser to Consistent Winner course in that we focus upon an over all, long and short term plan, goals for making, keeping and growing money from options trading – because making just isn’t’ enough.


  1. Practical Options Trading Review
  2. My story. The simplification of winning.
  3. What must happen to make money on an options trade
  4. What must happen to make money over many options trades.
  5. NET Profits – what counts
  6. Winning mind set in trading
  7. Intuitive Trading
  8. Turning winning in to logical, mechanical steps
  9. Turning intuition into logical, mechanical steps
  10. The emotional trading constant.
  11. Inverse Emotions?  The ultimate trading system.
  12. Proper goal setting for trading
  13. Working with Mr. Market.  Getting in on Mr. Market’s generous side
  14. Avoid these pitfalls.
  15. Emotional traps
  16. The black hole trading spiral of death.
  17. Consistent winning
  18. How to compound options properly.
  19. Finally getting into big money trading.
  20. Net worth building strategy concepts.  What to do after you’ve made big money.
  21. Growing past 6, 7, 8 figures – how it’s done, on purpose.

Winning in Options Course $97

 winning in options