Learn How to Trading Options Well…

What is and What isn’t…There is a lot of confusion between the two in the world of options trading.  Let’s separate what works from ‘imagination’. 

‘What is’ can make us money.  ‘What isn’t’ although we may think it is ‘what is’ will waste us years of time.  And no one seems to break it all down, break success in options to its essential building blocks so you can trade in a real way for potential real success…

So I had to do it myself.  I became tired of so many half baked ‘options educators’ coming up with half baked and mindless strategies, trying to make a quick buck selling an information product, a book in options trading.   It has been unbelievable.  And they sound so sophisticated…   Still, if you go to the average book store, you’ll see several worthless books on options trading intentionally or unintentionally designed to make you lose money as fast as possible.  I just don’t understand.

Remember this one:  “sell naked puts – it’s a never lose strategy.  If the stock goes down just roll out to next month.  You’ll always make money because stocks always go up!”  Wow.  Yes. You know a bunch of people bought into that concept.  It was going pretty well for this crew until the markets snapped their long term up trend in late 2000 while we were trying to figure out who was going to be our next president.  And then they learned the truth about trend trading – every one of them I knew got wiped out.

I guess people are scared of options, and that’s why they never really bother to find out the cold hard facts, the simple, practical, basic truths about options trading.  It’s really not that hard.  You just need to be honest and call ‘what is’, ‘what IS!’.  Anyways, I’m here to help and I know my materials can help you.

I can see though why many are scared of options trading; they think options trading is some kind of  ‘magical mystery’.  Most options sites keep flashing the “Black-Scholes” options pricing model trying to show how smart they are while confusing and scaring the hell out of you!  Then they show you two dozen different ‘options trading combination strategies’ as if those actually will make you money on their own!  (Options strategies don’t make you money on their own, they lose you money pretty quickly without a solid price based strategy!)

Sometimes people are afraid of the truth.  But you don’t need to be anymore.  I’ll teach you in my blunt, ultra practical style how to simplify and make sense of everything you need to know to be able to trade options successfully combining:  price flow, timing, entry strategies, entry and exit systems, premium decay timing, money management for options, practical options timing, practical options delta figuring… and ultimately how to figure out when to get in and out with how much…

But if you can brace yourself and accept the actual truth, then you can start making progress.

Here is the truth:  There is a way to make money in options trading.  Here is another:  There are several ways to make money in options trading.   Here is another:  You’re not a success in options trading unless you can make, then keep then grow the keep.  Here is one more:  it’s too hard to be an intuitive strategy trader in the long run so a good trading system that can simply net out a profit, traded methodically over time, regardless the winning %, can build up to significant amounts overtime in a very low stress, very little thinking involved way.

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I believe you can crack the code to learning how to trade options for a very good living because I know what I’m talking about. I walk the talk and  have many very successful students because of my methods.  You’re only going to believe that my material can help you and that you can become potentially wildly successful by using my materials after you take the first step and get started trading.

What does it take to make a lot of money from options, actually keep it and grow it?

1. You’ll need to understand how options work in a practical way – the mechanics, behaviors and characteristics of options and how they differ between different stocks – entries, exits, time decay, deltas, advanced ordering concepts to make your life easier and advanced options strategies although that’s optional.

You simply need to learn options the right way.  That’s why we created Practical Options 101 and Options Mastery 102 for you.  Get started today and enjoy all future upgrades, additions and bonuses for no charge.

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But once you understand options you’ll need to know what to do with options:

2. You’ll need a method of entry and exit that will allow you to net out options points, not just stock points but options points (with premium decay factored in to the trades)

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