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Learn Options Fast.  Get the Fundamentals Down So You Can Get Start Trading Smartly, Right Away…

Practical Options 101 Course

Get The Down And Dirty Basics You Need To Move Forward And Trading Options In A Professional Way.

Learn About Profit Possibilities – How Are You Going To Make Large Retirement Cash Flow And Massive Trading Accounts Without Knowing What’s Possible?

See this is key. In order to do well with options you need to know what is possible with options.

  • You need to see how it’s possible that you can generate cash flow and tons of it by using options in simple ways.
  • You need to see how you can trade for living in 5 minutes and night. You need to see what happens when you ride a power Trend in quadruple your money.
  • You need to see that it’s possible to 10x your money in one trade and how that is done
  • You need to no the best ways to trade options to make the most money so you can make the most efficient use of your time

In this quick course we’re going to show you what options are and how to use them in a practical way so you can get started.

This is not some big boring options course that tries to cover every single non productive trinket of information about options as most options books do. If you want a lot of boring information that will likely waste your time, your money and future compounding profit potential there are plenty of options books out there you can buy.

We have read tons of options books over time. And let me tell you, if you are looking to make money and grow what you make while not wasting time and money, stick with us.

But if you want to get immersed in all sorts of technical information about options and get lost in the process,  possibly never making money but only losing, dabbling with this options strategy or that, then go read all those books and debate for years on which option options trading method is best to do.

Options can be very complicated because why? Because most people who talk about options get too technical talking about loads of technical options information; and there is a lot of that. 

They start trying to impress you with how smart they are, talking about the black-scholes model and then every sort of fancy combinations of options strategy all while pretending as if these options strategies are going to make money on their own. They pitch options strategies as if they were some magical formula on their own. They’ll get you into trying to master options strategies such as: iron condors, butterflies, ratio backspreads, iron butterflies, diagonal spreads, collars, ladders and so on…

And I’ll tell you right now that option strategies on their own are not going to make you money at all and they’ll probably lose you money. So what’s the solution? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The solution for making money in options is to coordinate an option strategy, or an options combination strategy, preferably a basic option strategy, with a highly probable price action trading system or price action based strategy. What does that mean?

  • You need to know exactly when to enter and when to exit an options position so you can keep making money over and over again.
  • You also need to know which options to buy that are optimal for profiting.
  • You you need to know how big of an options position you should take relative to your trading account size for each trade to maximize profits thereby using most efficient risk for reward in coordination with your methodical trading method.
  • You need to know which strikes are best and which expirations are best to play for certain different types of trading styles.
  • You need to know some basics on how premium decay works so that you can play long and short options smartly
  • You need to know some basics on selling options versus buying options
  • You need to know basic pitfalls to avoid

Lean from our over three decades of experience in the markets to save you a ton of time, a ton of money and help you go directly into taking the actions needed in order to profit in the market smartly, consistently and bigley. 

Also we are prolific options systems and options trading strategy developers who now are developing incredibly powerful options trading systems. 

That means, we can help you cut out the chase and get directly towards very high probability money making methods and how to trade those methods most smartly so you can start to advanced in your options trading, quickly.

In short practical options 101 is going to get you the info you need to get started and creating your own options businesses.

Yes that’s we said businesses! What does that mean? We’re big fans of turning options trading into formal businesses.

Each business can run its own system. An options trading system is an operations manual to a business, an options trading business.

Have you ever bought a franchise before? Well a franchise has an operation manual that tells you the abc123 of what exactly to do for everything. The trading system will do that for your options trading.

There are many different ways to trade options. One can consider the concept of diversification by diversifying into trading different trading systems on an individualized focused basis instead of just buying a bunch of stocks and hoping for the best.

  1. You don’t need software.
  2. You don’t need signal services.
  3. You don’t need the latest and greatest dodad, Knick knack or app.
  4. All you need is a price chart and a decent options broker and a good options trading system and you are set.

We trade stocks, yet not the actual stock, we trade off the stock but use options instead. So therefore we put up a lot less money into one stock but we can control very large amount of shares and highly leveraged stock.

When you buy options your maximum risk is limited to what you put into that position which is usually a lot less vs. what you would put into the stock to control the same amount of shares. So therefore your maximum risk is predefined.

And when your position size is relatively small then there’s a lot less worry and stress.

When you have a stock you have a huge amount of money in the markets and those who don’t have an exact plan of entry and exit will usually hold the stock that is crashing all the way into the ground (or they’ll sell right near the bottom right before the stock rebounds).

Well you’re not going to be doing that with bought options since your risk is only the relatively small premium you bought when buying a similar amount of shares controlled.  So in comparison, options trading can be a lot less risky that stock investing, even if you’re just winging it.  

But as you may or may not know, winging it it the markets is a sure way to getting a wuppin’ by “Mr. Market” (as Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham likes to call the personality of the stock market place. ) We have found it much smarter to trade systematically and or strategically vs. “winging it” (and winging it is what most people end up doing in the markets which is a shame).

You know, some of you guys are going to be able to retire in a couple few years buy becoming excellent options traders. And others may be able to in the next few months.

Those who take the market seriously tend to be heavily rewarded by the marketplace, aka Mr. Market. Those who think the markets are a playground and or a joke tend to not to do very well. I want to teach you how to treat the markets very seriously, and run your trading like a professional company that is running its operating system most excellently.

Regardless, if you want to become the next options 7 figure, 8 figure or 9 figure success story who keeps growing their account, you’re going to have to get very methodical, logical and systematic. And we are here to teach you the methodical, smart process.

Get started with practical options 101, know the possibilities and learn the path you need to take to get to your dream income, cash flow and net worth goals.

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