OTA SLUGGER ONE daily paychecks system series
  • Powerful MOD Strategy Giving You Opportunity to Step into Any Stock with Options
  • Trade Short Term Weekly Options - Going Even Slightly or Moderately ITM for Higher Deltas
  • You Can Even Use for Selling Options to Quickly Evaoporate those Fat Weekly Options Premiums into Your Trading Account Putting Premium Decay on Your SIde
  • Dependable Strategy. When You're Looking for a Dependable Type of Trading Approach to Generate a Side Income of Full Time Income - This is a Great Approach
  • Long Term Tried and Tested Approach
  • Now with 30 Minute Bars So there is Big Opportunity While Being More Laid Back for Day Trading at the Same Time
  • Use with NADEX Daily Options
  • Sell Naked Options Slightly ITM for More Profit Points While Putting that Quick Options Decay on Your Side
  • Or Go ITM Some and Ramp up those Higher Deltas for FAT Scores an Slightly Larger Position Sizes.
  • Increase Your Trading Confidence by Having a Go To Strategy for Potentially Making Great Amounts of Cash Flow
  • Have More Fun in Trading
  • Take Advantage of Great Price Action
  • Start Small and Build Up!
  • Move on Up to the High Flying Stocks for HUGE High Detla Weekly Options Gains