Strategy for “Commanding” Money from the Markets Giving You Multiple High Probability Strategic Options Swing Trading Setups So You Can Pin Point Profit for Continuous, Multiple Opportunities Over Many Stocks at Once…

“Options Strategy Viscosity8 Core Swing Trading Strategy Provides The Options Trader a Simple, Strategic Way of Targeting and Plucking Off Swing Trading Profits and Stacking Net Profits into Compounding Over Time”

Watch this short 8 minute video that explains Viscosity8 and how this strategy could help you IMMEDIATELY in your trading whether you are a beginning or a frustrated experienced trader who’s trying to to do much.

Use the Market’s Ebb and Flow, Price Fluidity and Coagulation to Provide You High Momentum Trading Setups That Can Be Used on Whatever Stocks You Like to Follow

This is a must have strategy for any trader who actually wants to make money and trade for a living.  Now I can’t promise you earnings, future success and all of that… but this super solid fundamental type of strategy can certainly put you in position to succeed and potentially succeed big over time.  For most of you,  you’ll quickly find yourself on the same side as the pros, the big money traders, maybe for the first time ever in your trading – and that is a very good thing!


  • You could potentially make a living from this swing trading system as is
  • Trades in under 10 minutes per night
  • A total lifestyle trading system “in the box” deal whereas you have the potential to make a living with the system with little required time involved.  Yes I know that sounds terrible and all…  but with the used to contingent orders you can automate your entries, stop losses in profit-taking exits.  Plus the less you look at the ticker the better!!!


  • Is very solid swing trading system for options
  • It’s a very simple swing trading system for options which means it’s also fun to trade and it will make you feel good and happy while trading it
  • Potential for high accuracy as you can see from the results below (100% winning on our HD systems results example)






Here are some results of Viscosity8 run systematically on a few stocks.  As you can see the strategy run as a system is quite accurate.  But included in this course are Optimization Factors so you can tune in, optimize and pinpoint your entry strikes!

So the results here were all run in a row not skipping any trades using the Viscosity8 setup.

When you get this system you’ll have a method that you can use across your favorite stocks or any new hot stocks that come on to the scene.

Here is a 4 Month Sample and a 1 Month Sample on GOOGL:

Points here are in stock points.  TWTR and HD examples are slow moving stocks but have low priced options that can provide larger percent returns.

  • These are ALL the trade setups in the 4 month period. (No not cherry picked.  We never represent cherry picked trades as others do since that is useless to you.  These are all the systems trades in a row)
  • Notice the precision accuracy!
14-Feb 5.31 14-May 7.21 14-Jan 5.94
4.86 -11.87 0.48
-1.38 36.64 3.24
8.26 9.32 0.36
0.28 14-Jun 14.64 0.89
14-Jun 6.19  1 Month total: 55.94 1.76
Total 4 Months: 23.52 0.47
14-Jun 1.04
Totals 4 Months: 17.5

Viscosity8 is only $997 for a limited time. We think you’ll be quite happy integrating this super solid options trading strategy into your trading repertoire.



*screen shots are of qcharts