“Traditional Options Strategies Are Not Very Effective on Their Own So We Fixed Them!”

You Can’t Make Money Consistently Trading Options Combinations Strategies Unless You Have a Price Trading Strategy Based on Price Charts to Go Along with It.

We’ve combined options strategies such as covered calls, naked calls, naked puts, credit spreads, strangles …. with a particular price based trading system.  And the results are POWERFUL.

Also with most strategies we actually altered the strategy to make it better.  We have new ways of trading credit spreads, debit spreads, covered calls, naked options and strangles.   We we are able to take advantage of the buffered benefits of options combination strategies while optimizing them for greater probability of actually winning plus more profitability

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Listed below are some very powerful options strategy trading systems. You can check out more information by clicking on the link. You will not want to miss the opportunity that is behind E Systems. I know you can’t treat every way but the systems are extremely powerful especially Chart Pattern Riches and STRANGULATOR. Our offerings may be limited of these systems. We do not intend to sell many.

Yes. And when we combine options strategies with price strategies we have a powerful concoction that is able to control our risk better while giving us abilities to enter new types of opportunities.