FAQ For Our Options Trading System Available for Purchase:

  1. Is this software?  Answer: No it’s a home study course of videos, audios and PDF’s.  Every trading system, strategy, course on this site is instantly accessible accessible online only.  it is NOT “shipped” to you.
  2. How much does it cost?  Answer: simply click on the order button or “add to cart” button on the home page (click on the logo at the top left to get to the home page or if there are more than one.  Or you can also see the price, which is sometimes based on 2% of the prior 12 month track record sampling, at the bottom summary of the performance results which is usually listed on the main sales page or just has an industry standard price.  If we were to match prices of comparable value vs. franchises each system would cost 6 figures to 7 figures, with potential far greater than a franchise, with far less involvement and liability, and a potential far greater potential ROI on your investment.  So if you feel like complaining, you’ll just encourage us to shift our systems prices to the value they should be priced.
  3. How will I know this will work for me? Answer:  Although we produce solid trading systems from the “Trading for a Good Living” approach and other solid systems development philosophies that have great probability to stand the test of time, you won’t “know” and can’t “know” if it’s going to work for you until you try, trade the system CORRECTLY and see your results (or get a “crystal ball” or a time machine).  Success in trading is about high probability “bets”,  “rolling of the dice” on each trade in combination with “math logic” for your position sizing.  Looking for a “sure thing” in the market or a “safe thing” for that matter is a “sure ticket” for losing; it’s just how it works in the markets. Looking for the sure thing is a form of fear, doubt or green – all negative emotions that causes the marketplace to swiftly respond, luring you into losing trades. You’ve probably already experienced this.

    Running a good system is the highest form of business operations there is and is what professional businesses do.

    1. You have to be able to simply work the system.  It will take practice and then discipline to execute a system correctly.  But compared to anything else in life just about, mastering a system takes very LITTLE work yet can return SO MUCH.
    2.  If you don’t take a chance on your trading education and if you don’t take a chance at investing in and learning a system that could solve your trading ills for good, potentially putting you on the path to a life time of income from the markets,  then you’re simply going to have to figure it all out on your own which could costs years,  decades, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions for some in costs while missing out on potential millions, tens of millions and more in profits you could have been making, not to mention all of the compounding that you could have been doing in the meanwhile…
  4. Are the results real? Answer: Yes. The results are real systems results – the same results you could have had if you executed the system trades by the system rules. You will be able to verify performance yourself once you know the system.  Different traders will perform differently with different systems mostly due to the simple lack of paying attention. (a problem these days…)
    1. Different systems will fit different personalities
    2. Of course we are not allowed to promise you future returns.  That said:  a. you personally have to BELIEVE that future results are possible with a certain strategy or system in order to actually trade it well and not mess it up or start doing emotional ideas that seem to always ‘pop into our heads at the last second’).  So you can increase your belief by historical study of that system’s results and by historical paper trading.
  5. How can I find out more about this system?   Answer: you can go to our contact page to contact us with questions.  Or open a support ticket in your members area. Or respond to one of our newsletter emails. Make sure you join our newsletter as seen above, to the right because we will be educating you more on this system as well as other solutions for your success in options.  Plus we run special offers from time to time from that newsletter.
  6. Can you help me pick the right system for me?  Sure.  Just contact us and ask!
  7. Do you teach options money management?  Answer:  Actually we teach you the MOMMS system – “Magical Options Money Management System”.  This system has the power to cure many trading ills and could be the final solution to your trading if you’ve been treading water for years
  8. Are there refunds, guarantees etc? 
    1. The short answer:  no refunds on systems or strategies and this is mostly because of rampant customer abuse of the past.   But we will work with you to change a system, that means give you a different system that fits you better (we have tons!)  to help make it work for you (although you will likely NOT have a problem unless you simply don’t learn it which does not take long to do), granted you follow our instructions on learning the system first which will require screen shots showing us that you actually learned the system.   Our intructors will be to make sure you went through the course and show us examples by drawing on screen shots (use snagit for example).
    2. Options trading can make you A LOT of money pretty quickly.  We have made trading VERY EASY for people.   But maybe we made it too easy because it’s easy to become extra lazy.  So basically maybe think like this:  apply yourself strictly with a good system for a year, correctly executing the system, so you develop the habit of correct execution.  If it’s a day trading system it takes usually a month to get the system  down pat to mastery.  If a micro swing system, 3 months.  6 months for a swing trading system. For many people after that point, well, they may never have to have a job again with retirement fully covered once a good profitable system is mastered – it is indeed a very real possibility.
    3. What if i don’t like the system? Answer:    Be sure to read the sales page.  Contact us.  If after following our instructions we can replace it.  We don’t play the “buyer’s remorse” game or the customer thief game though.  So if you’re filled with fear and doubt then don’t buy it. Do something else. Get another job.  On the other hand: if you are fair minded and are wiling to take a business risk on your education even buying an complete “business in a box” concept, “business operations manual” then go ahead and purchase.   Shoot, most people got scammed into hundreds of thousands of dollars in collage degrees with very little income to show for it.    We really should charge more for our systems.    So therefore, maybe we will start doing so, so customers learn to respect the significance of the opportunity.

      Here’s a big tip:  You’re not going to “like” any good system emotionally speaking since good feeling emotions in trading will put you on the opposite side of the markets.  Additionally, we can NOT refund systems due to excessive customer abuse.  You can thank the cheaters (and clickbank) out there for that.  Here’s what happens:  a. some try to steal, get for free.  b. Many get the system and don’t apply it due to laziness or distraction c. You’ve got emotional problems but that’s your responsibility to work out although  we can help with that if you ask.  See our Millionaire Maker course for more on that.  Bottom line is with our products you gain the knowledge, very powerful knowledge that you should learn and put to work.  And you are gaining knowledge that is far more powerful and way more valuable then any high priced, high risk, non stop liability, potential non stop job of buying a wretched bricks and mortar franchise!  So value what you have with one of our systems and treat the system seriously!

    4. Do not buy the system course if you think you want a refund later.  Do you get refunds on trades you lose?  Usually those asking for a refund (and as we have even experienced doing ourselves… ) then you’re not serious so don’t buy.  You have to be serious in order to win in the markets. Sure enough, you have to take the chance on something that could potentially change your life, providing incredible potential success.  Additionally we must protect the system from scammers who are looking to steal the system for you, our customer’s sake.
    5. That said we can work with you helping you or help you get into a different system.  Our goal is to get you actually making money and even get you up into our Success Stories wall or even Hall of Fame wall so don’t worry!
  9. What else in this trading system course? Answer:  We’ll teach you:  options money management, proper options compounding, all sorts of psychological tricks to get your self trading the right way (vs. emotionally which is 99.8% wrong), how to trade as a business, how to set up your own options trading company, pitfalls to avoid from out quarter century of investing and trading experience and much more..
  10. Where do I start? 
    1. Learn options first.  Start with our options courses.
    2. Then get an options trading system and start demo trading (cboe.com will give you a free virtual account)
    3. Then start trading with 1 contract, even if you have a billion dollars to burn.   Get good with tiny then you’ll be able to handle reacting correctly in real time with bigger positions
  11. How much money do I need to start?
    1. Zero.  Get a demo account at cboe.com or your favorite options broker (and no we can’t “recommend” you a broker as per laws).   Even if you don’t have a lot of money: a. it’s better to learn and practice practice practice a system so you’re ready when you do have money – so you can take off like a rocket in the markets.  b. You can start with 1 contract and build.  That is the better way in a sense and usually allows for better habit development by taking a small amount and  building instead of coming into the markets with larger amounts while not having your trading system quite down pat yet.
    2. Bottom line, in order to trade systematically you need enough so your average options position size will be a fraction of your trading account, i.e. 5% or under of your trading account size (depending on your personal accuracy on average with a system – because if you win 90% consistently and your average gains are equal or greater than your losses then you can have bigger position sizes vs. if you win only 60% of the time with smaller reward to risk ratios. ). Keep trading as a business, think in terms of business math with trading the markets and you’ll be WAY a head vs. most traders. Also having a business mindset with the markets will help you prevent getting suckered by the marketplace with your emotions.)
    3. But good news there are now mini options.  CBOE Mini Options  | OIC Mini Options | Yahoo Finance Mini Options   so it’s pretty easy to get started with small money.  Just call a few brokers or research on line to see which options brokers have the lowest deposit requirement.
    4. If you only have a tiny amount and really want to get started, well you’re just going to have to hit it right winning your first couple, few trades to get some size to take on proper risk per trade position sizes.   It can be done.  I’ve done it when I was younger ramping a grub stake all the way up close to a million bucks after I decided to put my mind to it.  That said, if you ‘roll the dice’ based on some emotional based idea you will most certainly lose.  But, if you cerebrally (or even intuitively combined with a good strategy or system) execute a logical plan, like one of our trading systems, then you absolutely have the potential to make fortunes over time and keep COMPOUNDING those fortunes.  Stay mathematical and logical my friend.
  12. “How do I know your systems will work?”  Answer:  We sell good stuff!  Our systems play high probability points that stand the test of time that aim for a solid netting out of profits. We make them for ourselves.  We release some for you to buy.  Our question to you is:- will you work the system?  And if a system is really not working out for you just contact us and we’ll find a solution that can work for you.
  13. What makes you different from your competitors?  Answer:  We’re the best.  They stink in comparison. haha  Just kidding.  Who knows they may be great.  Whatever works.  On that note could care less about “competitors”.  There are no “competitors”; we do our thing and they do theirs.  And best wishes to them.  We’re here to make great trading systems for us and for you while helping a few people out who want to become winners, 7 & 8 figure winners.
  14. How did you guys figure all of this out??  Answer:  30+… years now, my friend, in the marketplace.  Also our systems guy is “addicted” to price charts and looks at them almost every day.  He cracks the codes and is mindbogglingly resourceful & creative in problem solving.  Plus he has some high level performance and educational backgrounds that help him as a trader and in finding opportunities.  Also he’s one of those child prodigy types, Tiger Woods, Mozart kind of guys who were pushed by their dad at a very young age, in the markets.
  15. How do I become another one of your millionaire students? Answer:  “Follow the plan, man!”  Well we can’t promise you future success and all of that blathering disclaimer talk.   But you: A. better believe it can be done  and B. better believe you can do it – if you want to have a good chance at it. (Get some self help and goal setting books while your at it). C. Or believe as a verb and make it happen.    We’ll provide the abc123 plan.  All you need to do is simply execute.  Or even, take what you learn from us and tweak it into your ideal. We have successful students who do both.

    1. Your subconscious will try to go prove your beliefs, did you know that?   So start making some new positive beliefs.  Start writing down some goals and rewrite them every day.  You’ll start programming your powerful subconscious to start doing what you actually want.
    2. Other than that get or make a solid trading system and follow the plan, stick to it, continually putting yourself in position to succeed with optimized money management position sizing, that comes from knowing your own performance with a system.  See some success stories of those who did.  Go listed or read some of Napoleon Hills work like Think and Grow Rich or the Laws of Success – that will help you become a better if not great systems or strategy trader.