Weekly Options Trading

Weekly Options Trading can be an extremely profitable venture if you do it smartly. Fortunately we have made some smart weekly options trading strategies and systems that you can purchase.

You’ll need a system or a strategy that has been well thought out ahead of time in order to have any potential success with weekly options.  The allure of cheap, high delta options is powerful and if you get seduced into an emotional based bad trading decision you can lose money very quickly.  And then if you get angry to and try to “make it back” for those losses you could lose a lot of money quickly.

What are weekly options?  Well firstly go to the creator of weekly options at the CBOE.  Here is a list of available weekly options on stocks: available weekly options

There are several strategies to take advantage of weekly options although there are only 2 ways:  buy options or sell options.  Selling plump premium that rapidly decays in intriguing indeed and you better have a good system to do so.  Buying weekly options is better suited to intraday trading (yes you can actually day trade vanilla options and the potential profits can be staggering) – but you definitely better have a very clear cut system.

Weekly options were designed to emulate options expiration week of 30 day to expiration options.  Weekly options are for aggressive, engaged, “in the game” traders only.  If you “can’t handle the heat stay outta the kitchen”!   But if you’re ready to trade more aggressively, in the pursuit of potentially and systematically making more money faster then here are some weekly options trading systems for you:

  1. Weekly Options Credit Spreads Strategy
  2. Weekly Options Naked Options Premium Grabs Strategy
  3. Options Daily Paychecks – Intraday trades weekly options – in and out in one day.  Options Day Trading System
  4. Weekly Options Covered calls
  5. Daily JackPOT Options Day Trading System


Weekly Options Systems

NBP619(2) CreditSNIPE – Weekly Options Credit Spreads – sell them systematically.   $2997
Thetabully THETABULLY – covered calls with weekly options! 4 Times the Opportunity! Shows entries and exits  $2997
naked options weekly options system PremiumPILLAGE – Claim Plump Weekly Options Premium in a Systematic Way – Weekly Options Naked Calls and Naked Puts Selling System  $2997
weeklyoptionssystemdeltastryklogo DetaSTRYK – Aggressive Micro Swing Weekly Options System – buying weekly options calls and puts  $2997
indexoptionspops2system Index Options POPS2.0 Trading System – 2 Day Trades, POPS, and done!Index Options POPS3.0 Trading System  $2997