Weekly Options Have Provided Us with a Powerful Opportunity in the Options Market for Day Trading Vanilla Options and for Plucking Juicy, Rapidly Decaying Options Premium

  1. Weekly Options 101 Course – assuming you’ve been through our Options 101 and 102 we break down nitty gritty, characteristics, opportunities and pitfalls in weekly options trading
  2. Weekly Options Covered Calls Extreme – Quadruple your opportunities for selling covered calls with our strategies.
  3. Weekly Options Credit Spreads Extreme – Imagine being able to pluck off ripe credit spreads every week, creating a potential lucrative weekly income.
  4. Weekly Options Naked Options Extreme – powerful method for selling naked options collecting full premiums on a weekly basis while eliminating traditional previously risky elements of selling naked options (we get rid of margin worries and ‘unlimited risk’).  For larger accounts. An Upgrade strategy to Weekly Options Covered Calls Extreme
  5. Options Daily Paychecks – Options Day Trading System using weekly options.   You are in and out within a day.
  6. Weekly Options Micro Swing Trading System – DeltaSTRYK

 Here are Some of Our Newer Weekly Options Strategies and Systems Since Now Weekly Options Are Offered for Every Week


 Thetabully  naked options weekly options system
 credit spreads system  
 options day trading system  day trade options


Now we have 1 week, 2 week and week 4 weekly options offered on most popular stocks.  The following systems that trade shorter time frames benefit from weekly options use as well.  Also our day trading systems use weekly options, of course.
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ThetabullyTHETABULLY This is a unique weekly options cover call trading system that takes advantage of weekly options with several strategies involving covered calls.  Not only do we try to make money from the rapidly decaying weekly options premium we also look to make money from the upside and downside with my unique micro swing trading strategies.naked options weekly options system PremiumPILLAGE This is a network going to approach accelerated by use of weekly auctions. Sure is nice to be able to collect rapidly decaying premium. But you need to have a strategy and need to understand principle of netting out profits. Discover how we fixed the worries of brokers in regards to selling naked options. Find out how this could potentially add a stream of cash flow to your trading account.

credit spreads system

Accelerate your ability to cash out on credit spreads with work on the opportunity by trading with the options. We give you a strategy, a system for executing these Credit spreads on weekly options so you can have a stinky approach to take advantage of the weekly options opportunity.



Take advantage of this powerful microswing trading system. We use long calls and puts on a weekly options. That means we were going to buy calls and buy puts to take advantage of 1 to 2 day micro swings on weekly options.



options day trading system

This is an ultra-powerful than options daytrading system. If the system that I was advised not release. Take advantage of my stupidity and potentially profited significantly on a daily average. We use the system to trade Weekly options since we are pretty yesterday. That means we will be out by the end of the day and will not go to hold positions overnight. Of course this means will have to meet me $25,000 accountable. But I’m sure you can do that soon if you don’t have already by learning how to swing trade with our other systems.



day trade options

It’s 1999 all over again in the index markets. Take advantage of multiple point swings intraday trading vanilla index options weekly options.You’ll be amazed potential moves. It’s amazing the potential percent return you can make intraday trading weekly index options especially when your options premium has decayed low revealing high options deltas.