How to Make Money and Options

How to Make Money and Options Part 4

How to Make Money With Options Part 4 Now the Question is Here is It Better to Strategy Trade or Systems Trade?

If you’re a strategy trader you’re going to need a plan. You’re going to need something that’s going to drive you to take the number of trades that will enable you to make the money that you want to make.

Also you have to be a very serious trader.  You have to be like someone on the hunt out in the wild. You have to be very focused on your goal and have no other dealings with any lesser emotions. And if you’re on the hunt yes you have to go for the kill and you have to have that type of mentality in the markets due to all the various emotional distractions that come with the marketplace. That may sound scary to some, but it’s just a very serious mindset.

Otherwise you can become a systems trader and just simply trade the system’s rules.  That will take practice. Very few people can become a good systems traders without practice. Well I take that back.  I should say very few people who are interested in options, because they want to have the huge profits for tiny costs type of mindset, do well with systems training.  Or rather, it’s related to a “something for nothing” type of mindset which is based on a scarcity mindset which is a mindset that causes all sorts of problems. 

Also people who have that mindset tend to be looking for excitement as their number 1 goal from trading and systems trading is boring.  And that mindset is also often paired with a mindset of wanting the cheapest of the cheapest, the bestest of the bestests; they want to sell at the exact tippy top and buy at the exact bottom, they are filled with fear/greed

Yes that’s right,  if you want to be good at systems trading you have to be very simple-minded and simply trade the system thereby trusting the system to do its thing. For most people,  their emotions will fight them, or should I say for most people, emotions that come at them will fight them. And those emotions may not be their own.

Maybe those trickster emotions and thoughts are from The Matrix trying to mess you up!?  Maybe there are bunch of devils on the markets trying to tell you the wrong way to trade.  Or maybe it’s you in that, you’ll attract what you think and believe in general, about yourself and about the markets.

But in short if you can find or develop a simple way to trade and trade it simply, then you have the very strong potential of doing very well over the long term. Get out of the insanity of trying to guess which way the market is going to go.  Just trade simple systems instead. 

Not many people do consistently well in trading over the long term because they get too complicated and they get greedy. They want fun and excitement and are unwilling to do the boring thing.  So, at least for part of your trading, trade a simple, boring system and turn it into a habit, like brushing your teeth.  Is brushing  your teeth super exciting? Probably not, but you do it as a habit because the value it brings you and its benefits.  So why not turn a good trading system into a habit?  Forget about trading for excitement, focus on the benefits that come from trading profitably instead…!

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