MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trend Trading System Part 3

Back to mayday 2.3 options home run trend trading system this is an overview. Let’s go look at some performance examples here you can see home depot 2020 and you can see plus 66 + 33 then you have minus 11 + 30 okay and you have some of these trays to stop out but we’re able to hit these big home runs that can really advance the account here as we have a plus 121 points.

Then we have all winners up into june 22nd of 2021 when that performance sample stop. You have an old example of twitter here kev and give you a picture here is netflix. With these big faster smoother moving stocks you’ll tend to get more wins here’s home depot okay when it was slower all right this is back in 2013. Back to mayday 2.3 home run options training system overview and review and so we were looking at some performance. And we got here to ibm now this is old in 2013 so you can see historically how things have gone and this is when ibm was a bit slower. At this point in time ibm has been putting in some bigger moves and ibm has a huge future. And the home run and options is relative to the strike you get and how far past the strike you have gotten. You can have a home run in terms of point wise of cash return or you can have a home run in terms of percent returns such as a quadruple quintuple cell or a 10x return on your options you can use may day to anticipate your opportunity and be ready to strike

MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trend Trading System

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