Practice Makes Perfect Great Traders are Made Through Practice

Practice Makes Perfect Great Traders are Made Through Practice

An amazing concept that even a simpleton understands– if you want to get better at something you need to practice it!

So many people want to simply dive in and make the big money really fast to particularly in options trading.  You’ve heard the expression “only fools rush in”.  Although that expression I believe was related to falling in love (If anyone does that anymore) but it also applies to trading, Especially options trading.

The horror stories of “fools rushing in” to options are endless. So many people think they can do it on their own– That they can trade bye feel and that they have special superpowers to predict the future.  Well, As soon as the marketplace senses their presents it goes to work on these newbies.  The marketplace then starts putting on its moves hypnotizing the new trader into doing the exact wrong thing at the wrong time. The marketplace proceeds to take the new traders money, be the new trailer up and leave them in a dark alley…  that new trader stays in that dark alley for a while for it takes a long time to recuperate from a marketplace whuppin’!




Great Traders are Made Through Practice


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