SPY and OWP Correlation for SOLID Consistent Profit Opportunities – Trading for a Living Series

Trading for a Living Series – Where We Are Trying to Help You Finally Trade On the Side, Replace Your Job and Start Building Net Worth

– The “Options Weekly Paychecks” Revelation…

Sorry but I just had to let you know about a potentially very profitable insight below.  I say sorry because I’m apologizing for not telling you about Options Weekly Paychecks System B V2.0 and even the old school but still awesome 1.0 version.
Man… Options Weekly Paychecks System B  and SPY !    It’s “killin it” as they like to say (doing really, really well).  It’s not only SPY but SPY has been lining up exceptionally well.  I mean, imagine capturing 4-6 points a week on those usually low priced weekly SPY options.
That’s your edge.  That’s your “tip of the day”
That’s potentially your retirement!
What am I talking about ?  The trades setups!  Capturing those some times really easy weekly trends.
But also you are trading on the “micro” level (60 min bars) which will give you more control over your risk, less point risk per trade and the ability to capture profit moves that you just can’t access on the day bars.
You can use short term options.  Now 2 week options work great.  You’re done by the end of the current, one week anyways.
Look.  If you want to finally produce consistent side profits or profits to replace your job you need a solid system and Options Weekly Paychecks has been a CONSISTENT Producer since I made it back in 2008.
If you can’t personally trade it, get a family member to trade it for you.  Just start with a virtual trading account. and then start with small money.  Get good at trading the system right and then work up to normal position sizing. The process of learning the system is Easy as pie.
Sometimes we all think too much.  I know I have that bad habit.  thinking is good but too much causes inaction.  If  I were to advise myself, since I can do that, I would say, “stop thinking, stop wasting time, get the system and put it to work slowly, steadily and do it right”.   Of course you’ll have to advise yourself on this one.  But if you have questions on the system let us know!  We’ll answer them!
Or on the main optionsweeklypaychecks.com site.

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