What is Option Scalping

What is Option Scalping

Options scalping is taking a burst of price action movement in combination with good delta options in order to scrape out a very nice return and do so over and over again.

We have methods, systems and strategies for doing this concept of options scalping.  See our picks from below.  We have others.  Contact Us for any questions or tell us what you are looking for ideally. 

Why do options scalping? Well if you can have a pinpoint type of strategy for exact entry and exit with high winning percentage so you can just keep hitting the wins over and over and stacking up profits then doesn’t that sound like a good thing? Yes!

You can take a trading strategy and optimize it to trade the best of the best opportunities or you can just trade a system that is in the options scalping style over and over, simply and mechanically, again and again. With options we want to trade entries and exits based off price charts. We want the base our entries and exits off of high probability momentum trigger concepts. and we want to take those momentum trigger concepts and overlap them with other factors of increased probability to increase our probability for being able to take a burst of momentum and ride options in order to capture nice cash profits with a good percentage return and do so quickly.

With options we like quick and fast. Why? Because we have premium decay! If you’re long options, buy calls, buy puts, then you don’t want to hold on to those options too long because premium decay is a cost. So we have tricks and methods in dealing with that in addition to finding high speed high explosive price action moves. We can teach you these tricks and tips in our various options trading strategies and options trading system courses.  See some of our picks below for options scalping.

In fact we’ll list a couple of those different options trading strategies or options trading systems below. We’d like to use weekly options and very short-term weekly options and we’ll show you how we use those.

You can also contact us for help on finding the best solution that fits you. Just tell us what you’re looking for and what you would ideally want. And that’s it exclamation point check out the links below.



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