The Best 3 Ways to Trade Options for a Living if You Like Lots of Cash Flow 9

The Best 3 Ways to Trade Options for a Living if You Like Lots of Cash Flow

The Best 3 Ways to Trade Options for a Living if You Like Lots of Cash Flow

Cashflow the topic here. What is cash flow? It is the flow of cash into your bank account ultimately but your trading account firstly.

Cash flow can be generated through continual effort. Cash flow can be generated through slight effort while using certain mechanisms to leverage your efforts into profit. Cash flow can be generated and automate as well.

Most opportunity in the markets is available to the second way where as you’re going to leverage your smarts and leverage the mechanisms that are in the marketplace to be able to make more money. And there are certain ways to do that in options trading that can be extremely profitable.

New technological developments that has helped us options Traders out tremendously over the past so many years is the invention of the contingent order.

We can use the contingent order as a price or time trigger order. By having a price-based trigger to get us in or out of a trade we can now coordinate options trading exactly with a price-based trading system. Now this is huge. We have some really fantastic price-based trading systems that you can purchase and learn giving yourself a massive advantage.

The Best 3 Ways to Trade Options for a Living if You Like Lots of Cash Flow 10Problem is for most Traders is that they won’t simply take the time to learn in the markets.

They get so caught up in the emotions of the marketplace that they pick up from watching price go up and down, from two other people, going on message boards or worst of all the media.

Now that’s said the emotions in the marketplace can be fun. They can certainly provide a world of entertainment that is really exciting. People really want some excitement in their lives. Understood. But the trick is to figure out how to smartly combine strategic approach with an overall exciting experience so one can be profitable instead of getting there ” tails whooped” by the marketplace.

Did you know that the marketplace uses emotional triggers to be able to communicate you?

Oh yes, you’ll see if you haven’t noticed this yet which you probably have. The marketplace wigs and jigs about to try to juke you out of your money. Now is this real or is this imagined? It doesn’t matter because the net effect is that the marketplace is somehow able to communicate to us telling us when exactly to enter at the perfectly wrong time. Ever buy at the tippy-top or sell at the very bottom?

And the marketplace wants to take your money just as you want to take the money from the marketplace. Once you can accept this then you can make progress. But if you think that the marketplace is there to give you free money which actually most people do, then you’re in for a world of hurt. Just understand this in order to make a profit in the marketplace you need to pay a price one way or another. But you can pay this price by doing your homework and figuring out how the marketplace moves about so you can strategically and timely enter into trades and exit trades over and over for the sake of netting out a profit. Most people who want to indulge in the emotions of marketplace simply never go anywhere but down and do so quickly. Those who want to do a good job, little bit more cerebral, learning System and practice it can do tremendously well over time.

So we have these 3 best ways to trade options for a living if you like lots of cash flow: These three best ways will focus on the option strategy of buy calls or buy puts:

1. Swing Trading: This type of Swing trading involves using the day bars so we can just simply trade 5 to 10 minutes a night by putting on our contingent orders. I would say this is the best because it frees up your time. Now that said although swing trading is more fast-paced than trading it may not be fast enough for a lot of folks so therefore:  We have a lot of options swing trading systems.  We have a bunch in the high velocity style on SlingShotOptions  Plus we have the SwingDNA Series here.

If you’re looking for one of the best swing trading systems check out:The Best 3 Ways to Trade Options for a Living if You Like Lots of Cash Flow 11


2 Micro Swing Trading – What’s micro swing Trading? It’s going inside the day bars to trade bar such as 60 minute bars for 120 minute bars. The price action on those types of bars gives us an advantage in that can allow for some fantastic entries and exits. Actually they offer a lot more opportunity than swing trading in general because they go inside the swing. Micro swing trading allows you to collect more points then Traditional Swing Trading. Micro swing trading allows you to get in to a price swing earlier and you can get out later with more profit as well. We have a micro swing trading section on SlingShotOptions as well.

Want one of the best time tested Micro Swing Trading Systems?   Check out Options Weekly Paychecks System B V2.0

The Best 3 Ways to Trade Options for a Living if You Like Lots of Cash Flow 12


3. Day Trading: You can day trade vanilla options or you can day trade binary options. Binary options are more facilitated for day trading. We have systems for both. Actually we have a lot of binary option systems over at

Here is a great solid system for day trading binary options:

The Best 3 Ways to Trade Options for a Living if You Like Lots of Cash Flow 13

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