Best Option Trading System for Newbies
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What’s the Best Option Trading System for Newbies?

What’s the Best Option Trading System for Newbies Who Want to Get Started Right Away on a SMART Path to Trading Options?

Keep in Mind, that if You’re Going to Try Crystal Ballin’ it or Using Your “Intuition” on Which Way You Think the Market is Going to Go and Not Trade a Strict System

1. You Will Have No Reference to What You Are Doing So Therefore You Won’t Learn Much from Wins or Losses 

2. Most Traders Who Try to “Pick the Right Direction” Based on What they Perceive to be Their Genius, Lose and Do so 95% to 99.8% of the Time – the Markets are “Rigged” that Way, Others May Reference Universal Law or “Matrix” Reasons for That.

What’s a good 25 minute Work Week type of trading system?

And as a reminder the 25 minute work week is a focused program we have here where we’re trying to get people focused on the type of trading systems that they can do in just a few minutes a night.

A few minutes at night means that you put your order in and the order would trigger in the next day or so. You can also put a stop loss in. With options you can use contingent orders. With stocks you can use by stop and sell Short Stop to enter plus stop loss orders. It’s super easy when you get the hang of it.

Your broker will teach you all about entry and exit orders on their platform. Feel free to pester your broker to find out answers to any questions you may have about entering and exiting orders on their platform. Brokers love to talk about that stuff.

So we have STACKERS3.0  options trading system here  and it’s a really good system. It’s a long time proven solid trading system concept. And a long-term trading  proven trading system is extremely valuable because it showed It’s ability to perform over time over different market conditions.

So if you were able to put a system like this to work and simply trade it in a few minutes a night, simply systematically, and build cash flow and net worth, the results by trading such a system consistently over time could be mind-boggling. Check out more information below.

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