The ‘MASTER’? The Secret of Chart Pattern Riches System Revealed by Student

The ‘MASTER’? The Secret of Chart Pattern Riches System Revealed by Student

Here are some nice words from one of our students below who bought and learned Chart Pattern Riches Trading System

If  you had to get just one system:  get this one.

I’m giving you some feedback a student wrote because of how important I believe  it will be for you to obtain my “Chart Pattern Riches”  Options Trading Strategy and Trading System – before I take it down.
 As I was telling you – CPR is a special system.  Well we have several special systems.
After picking up a copy of Chart Pattern Riches a student, declares:
“I am student of your Chart Pattern riches system. I was using it to
trade options and by doing this it opened up a whole new world to me
which made me have to write this letter of thanks and praise.
 Master Chris, if this isn’t the holy grail I don’t know what is!I’m a student of Harmonic Elliot wave which enables one to predict
price targets if the market doesn’t break the wave pattern. But, what I
learned from your Chart Pattern riches system is the markets eternal
pattern which is not to attempt to predict the market but to be one with
it, to know it without knowing it. This is like a mystical revelation
as far as trading. It is not easily realized and takes trading the
system over a period of time to get it, it is an aquired skill is what
I’m trying to say.

      Master Chris , you are a genius, it’s like I can trade
anything it’s like the market always has something for me when it opens,
I can see what other traders could never see, it’s like if you’re not
doing this, I don’t know…”

I would attribute my being able to see things that ‘others don’t’ to my ability to read and group patterns in addition to my ability to read and follow an “emotional line”, the emotional line of price action.  How did I acquire these abilities?  Well I don’t totally know but I’ve had many, many years of classical music performance at the highest levels and I think that has helped a ton with complex pattern recognition, the deeper details of a pattern and the ability to follow emotional ebb and flow from playing classical works.

Here are some system’s results based on the system’s rules in this performance sample ~ a year.

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3.09W %93.33%17.16
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