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The Benefits of Employing STRANGULATOR Options Strangles Strategies in Your Trading Over Time

The STRANGULATOR options strangles strategy, offered by Options Trading Authority, is a powerful series of strategies that you can use systematically that can provide numerous benefits to traders in the world of options trading.

These strategies involve the combination of buying call and put options to create a unique risk-reward profile. Let’s explore some of the benefits that this strategy can offer:

One of the primary benefits of the STRANGULATOR options strategy is its ability allow you to profit no matter what way the market goes.  When using strangles, you want to know how to enter into points on the price chart where price is about to EXPLODE one way or another. 

By combining both long and short options positions, this strategy allows traders to limit their potential losses or rarely lose at all while still maintaining the potential for significant gains. So if you’re looking to win more and lose less, then use STRANGULATOR. 

Risk management aspect is crucial in options trading, where the potential for substantial losses can exist.

Profit Potential: The STRANGULATOR strategy also offers traders the opportunity for substantial profits. By creating a position that does not depend on direction using long strangles, profit potential is ENORMOUSE with the big move big picture strategies that we employ. 

Another advantage of the STRANGULATOR options strategy is its flexibility. Traders can customize their positions based on their market outlook and risk tolerance. By adjusting the strike prices and expiration dates of the options contracts, traders can tailor their positions to specific market conditions. This flexibility allows for greater adaptability and the ability to take advantage of various trading opportunities. Additionally with our STRANGULATOR strategies we can favor one direction a bit more while having a plan if that move explodes the other way. 

Compared to other options strategies, the STRANGULATOR strategy requires a relatively lower capital outlay. You can play both directions at the same time using stocks, you  have to use options.  

Hedging Opportunities: one can use STRANGULATOR strategy concepts to serve as an effective hedging tool for traders with existing stock or longer term options positions. By implementing this strategy, traders can protect their portfolios against adverse market movements. This hedging aspect can provide peace of mind and help mitigate potential losses in volatile market conditions.

In conclusion, the STRANGULATOR options strategy of strategies which can be used as a system if so desired offered by Options Trading Authority presents several benefits to traders.  STRANGULATOR can help you overcome your fears in trading while targeting big home run moves.  All you need to do is target the big moves and we show you how to do that.  It doesn’t matter which way the markets move, up or down.  And in our opinion, when combining strangles with the STRANGULATOR entry strategies, average risk is drastically reduced while profit potential is significantly increase.

Remember, strangles are not straddles, strangles are cheaper to put on as well.  You just need to line up time to expiration, with the price chart based strategy, to distance out of the money on the strikes.  We’ll teach you all about it in the STRANGULATOR course.  You’ll learn VERY valuable skills for life. 

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Strangulator Options Strategy

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