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Trading for a living


Trading for a Living Sounds Great!  So How Exactly Do You trade for a Living?

You may have heard the concept tossed around for a while. There is even a book called Trading for a Living. But if you read most of those books they don’t tell you exactly how. That’s a problem. That’s a problem I always had in the past when I was younger reading those books. They go on talking a lot and blabbering a lot while throwing in a couple, few strategies in that are vague. And then they just tell you to focus really hard and don’t be dumb,  to use tiny money management position sizes and have discipline.

Big whoop.   Some of those books make things worse. So we decided to make things better. We decided to make things easier.

Ultimately what we have found over time is that one needs to make trading so simple that it seems ridiculous. Trading needs to become so ridiculously simple that it doesn’t make sense that you would make so much money from trading that way.  In fact, trading needs to become so simple that you feel like you were doing something wrong or “being bad”, due to the way we’ve been taught and programmed over the years of the way things go and what is “righteous” or not. 

Yes, we were taught that we needed to “work real hard” and then work extra in order to be successful and make money.   You can make a moderate income that way.  But if you want to build significant cash flow and wealth, money levels that give you the freedom to buy what you want and go where you want to go then you’ll have to do something much more efficient and smart than the “work real hard” approach.

But a lot of wealthy people have come to realize over time that working hard doesn’t necessarily equate to becoming wealthy. In fact some even have gone to say statements such as the “less I work the more I make”.  Now I don’t think that’s said to be arrogant but it’s said to stress a principle that we want to be highly organized and leverage our efforts. 

We can leverage our efforts in many ways.   We can employ other people to leverage our efforts for us thereby duplicating ourselves for getting different things done for us as we pay them to do so. We can leverage machines, software, programs, automation, robots to  get stuff done for us as well.  And we can do stuff ourselves but we can do it in a much smarter way. We can develop a strategic, a systematic strategic approach to repetitious action that we can do very simply that can put ourselves in the position for greater success.. We can also do this with money whereas we can Leverage  systems in combination with leveraging money in order to make a lot more profit per time and effort involved from us personally.

So by looking at the success of our students over time, our most successful students were the students who use systems and they were systematic people. They knew how to run a system.  They knew how to submit to a system for Success.

Now the word “submit” sounds a bit strange but we all have to do that, meaning that we have to abide by, we have to play by he rules of a trading system, a trading system if we want to actually trade that system and get the results that that system has the potential to get. Does that make sense?

Of course you would want to learn the system and get to know the system before you dive in and start doing the system. And that would be your basic due diligence. That would be your basic homework.

So we’ve noticed some outstanding success with students who were doctors or in the military and in other disciplines where they learn to submit to the system and execute a system. They had no problem executing the system and they didn’t doubt or worry or wonder every step of the way, they just simply executed the system.

And these are the types that write back to us telling us of their tremendous success, even over seven figures by using our trading systems. I’m saying this for your success, knowledge and understanding. This is something to think about.

On the contrary, a lot of those entrepreneurial minds like to go from one exciting thing to the next. If the entrepreneurial mind can agree with themselves to do one system well while giving themselves permission to explore other systems after they do one system well, usually the entrepreneurial type will do much better. We would need to think how we can get ourselves to simply run a simple trading system. And at that point, at least would could position ourselves well for trading for a living.

So wait!?  What Do I Do Next to be Trading for a Living?

Well that’s an easy one.  Go to our products page. Pick a system and get started.   If you have questions or need help contact us through the contact link below. 


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