You Can Use RC1 PRO Cheap Options Signals on Stocks Too for Mind Blowing Potential

You Can Use RC1 PRO Cheap Options Signals on Stocks Too for Mind Blowing Potential for 3 Day Trades, in an Out in 3 Days Which Targets Maximizing the Meat of the Swing

RC1 PRO Cheap Weekly Options Signals – Designed Especially for Small Trading Accounts

Did you know that RC1 PRO cheap options weekly options signal service can also be used for stocks?

Let’s look at GM for General Motors really quickly and the system’s results you can check this out this is all according to system rules systems rules and you have for 3 months 51.62 points of profit. General Motors right now is at was it 38th around 38 38.19. So if this system was able to make 51.62 stock profit points in 3 months, well, that’s over 100% annual return already in just 3 months isn’t it. So annualized that’s 206 points that’s ridiculous check out more information from the link below.

To explain a little further, if you were able to do this on a regular basis as in average 51.62 points when General Motors is at 38 every 3 months well that’s quite good, actually that’s ridiculously good. Most money managers drool at the concept of being able to have 20% returns per year. So let’s divide 206.48 by 38.19. Meaning that you have a 640% return or a 540% profit return. And guess what? We’re talking about the stock!  We’re not even getting into the options yet!

And on top of that we’re using cheap higher Delta options which can provide more profit and less risk on average versus regular options traded. So are you catching my drift here? Are you seen or are you  starting to see how powerful RC1 Pro  trading system actually is? If you are you can sign up for our trading signal service and let us send out the signal for you.

The only way you’re going to believe it is by experiencing it!  Check out more information from the link below

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