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Apply These 3 Secret Techniques To Improve Options Trading Immediately

Apply These 3 Secret Techniques to Improve Options Trading Immediately Plus Many More Secret Techniques for Crushing it in Options Hidden in Out Options Trading Systems & Strategies

Okay these techniques maybe aren’t so secret but they seem secret in actuality because most people don’t do them. As soon as a lot of people get into the markets they get overwhelmed with emotions. They don’t know what to do with these emotions. They start calling in other thoughts that are not good for their trading because of these emotions.

So do you know what that means – “calling in other thoughts”?

A lot of self-help gurus have talked about this for a quite a while over the decades.  I believe even Napoleon Hill, the famous self-help guru talked about vibrations and frequencies of thought and how you are like a radio that can tune into different frequency channels and pull in information that is running on that frequency.  When you are in a certain frequency of emotion,  you can start calling in thoughts that are related to those emotions.  And if you are in negative emotions while trading, you’ll be calling in thought after thought, quite intensely, thoughts that are related to those negative emotions, thoughts of action that will bring about negative results to your trading account value.  That’s not good.  But traders do that all the times, even some experienced once, thereby creating all sorts of pesky problems for themselves. 

So therefore, if your emotional states are indulging in types of emotions that bring in negative emotions, such as fear, doubt, a seeking of comfort or to be comfortable, as soon as you enter the markets then you’re going to start to call in thoughts and ideas related to those emotions in terms of harmonization of frequencies that will make it difficult to make correct decisions until:  1. you master a system or strategy and you’ve come to believe in that system or strategy.  2. you gain more experience with the inner game of trading. 

Most of the time this is a problem, a big problem. When you’re in a highly charged, negative emotional state when dealing with the markets due to having money on the line you’ll call-in thoughts that will usually lose you money.

So what are these 3 secret techniques?

One. Get a good options trading system.

Two.  Do the trades according to the options trading system.

Three. Don’t do any other trades outside of the options trading system.

Now that may sound so obvious that some people may feel insulted even. Well good. If you don’t agree with those three primary principles then getting insulted over them may wake you up to what it takes to actually be successful in options trading or any sort of trading.  I speak from much experience on the matter and my best students follow that three step formula. It’s so obvious it’s hidden. It sounds so simple that it’s a secret.

Yet you’re not going to follow an options system correctly until you believe in it.  How do you get yourself to believe in an options trading system?  1. historical study of price charts on many stocks.  2. historical paper trading of the system.  3. Demo or pretend trading in real time, or “paper trading” .  Once you see profits growing after you work out any questions or errors that you had in reacting to the systems rules in real time, then you’ll believe in that system.  And when you can believe in a system, life gets a lot more bright and exciting!

Every time our students start breaking into six and seven figures and we ask them how they did it and  we always get an answer back that mentions something about, ” I just followed your system”   and usually these students are surprised we even ask them how they became successful! That’s good. That’s a good attitude.

“Okay okay so what system should I get to get started? You have a lot of them.”

Any of the systems below are good. But if you’re looking for a good starter systems that teach you a solid approach to options trading along with the potential for a lifetime of compounding profit then check these out:

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