Robert Kiyosaki. Stansbury Research. Valentine's Day Market Massacre? Here's how to play it:

Robert Kiyosaki. Stansbury Research. Valentine’s Day Market Massacre? Ideas on ways how to play it:

First of all, as commonly known in the marketplace when you hear talks about “blood in the streets” the sky is falling, everything is crashing etc the marketplace usually goes the other way and goes up.  We’ve even seen this several times over the past couple years. Will Robert Kiyosaki’s Stanberry research call for a crash tomorrow come true finally?

Well, play the market has to crash in order for the world to be transferred over into a new Financial system. But the question is when. And the better question is: How do we play such a crash without wasting our money and time trying to guess.

Well if you’re interested in any sort of hyper motivated market sell off to make mind blowing types of returns here are a couple systematic approaches that take the short-term strategic route.

CFE RELENTLESS 1 Day Trades Signals: QQQ, FX and RTY Eminis.  Long options are considered to be more safe since the limited risk is built into the position, for wild market times. 

TERPETUALPOPS QQQ Signals 1 Day Trades – Now using breakout pop format instead of on close for more accuracy and control in more wild market times. 

For Swing trading:  CFE PUNNK’D Swing Trading Signals QQQ or CRUSHER8 QQQ Trading Signals

Micro Swing Trading Systems – Especially the newer ones from Options Weekly Paychecks would be great. 

From Options Trading AUTHORITY:

OTA CORE and OTA CORE Pro – Swing Trading Would Be Very Good.

STACKERS3.0 Options Trading System Would be an Excellent System for Racking Up Gain after Gain in a Motivated Crash Type of move. 

Market crashes don’t happen in a day. You can have a dramatic one day drop, sure. But we’re looking to step in front of highly motivated price action movement to the downside or back to the upside on any sort of rebound over a series of highly motivated down trend moves.  We look to play the swings and micro swings, in an out, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, all the way down. 

And we would want to be extra Nimble and quick due to the concept of financial system changeover and any sort of hiccups that could happen through that process.

Regardless the above mention services and trading systems are really good. Those trading systems are must have types of trading systems to learn and turn into a habit.  I hope you guys can take advantage of our trading systems while we are still selling them. 

Hope that helps.  We’d like to see a few more of you guys break 7figs and get into our Hall of Fame.  Now and going forward just maybe a great time to do so, while starting with a small amount.   Remember, with options, you can swell up a trading account very quickly.  Set your goals.  Make your strategic plans.  And pounce when the opportunity is there!

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