Trade for a Living in 5 Minutes a Night
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A 5-Minute a Night System for Cash Flow on to Retirement? 

A 5-Minute a Night System for Cash Flow on to Retirement? 

  1. Five minutes and night?  You think I’m exaggerating don’t you. I’m not. We use contingent orders on options with swing trading, power trend trading, chart pattern trading or trend trading.   So all we need to do is to set our entry trigger and exit trigger when needed. You just need to see the chart at a glance,  look for your entry or your profit-taking exit, login to your broker and put your contingent order on. It’s super easy.  

    Don’t get sucked into the markets.  Keep it easy.  Keep it systematic.  See Nicholas Darvas’ Book How I Mde $2m in the Stock Market to learn the value of becoming simply systematic.  
  2. And by using a trading system you can avoid getting sucked into the markets, the wooing of the markets trying to woo you into losing trades. I’m sure you’re familiar with that aspect of the market. It’s very real. So you just like Nicolas Darvas in his book, “How I Mde $2M In The Stock Market ” we want to separate ourselves out from the noise of the marketplace by watching the ticker all day and by watching the media all day. Just want to execute a few simple rules and just spend as little as time as possible. When doing that you put yourself in a position for potential incredible success as Nicholas Darvis did back in the 1950s with stocks even.
  3. So check out our very solid trading systems system that in our opinion you be very wise to put to work immediately and let it do its thing over the years and decades. You may find out that this is one of the best things you’ve ever done.

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Discover the Options MLLIONZ Program


Although some may think the name is tacky,  the Options MILLIONZ program deals directly with the concept of wanting to make big profits in options.

Let’s be honest. Most people get involved in options because they see the potential to make big mny. Well it’s certainly possible.  But you need to learn from experienced traders who have been there on how to deal with obtaining your first million. 

Making your first mil- dollars in options is easy compared to the next part which is to keep that mny and then grow that mny, preferably compounding that mny. And the only way you’re going to be able to do this is by having a well thought out battle plan which we teach you in the Options MLLLIONZ Course – How to Make Your First Mill- in Options & Beyond.

  1. You need a long term plan of action – a “story arc” the covers many DECADES to come.   This is a must in order to keep the proper focus.
  2. You need to define a goal of how much you want to make and what you want to become.  There are no “rules” to this.  Just go for whatever you want.
  3. Now once you have the long term goals and a picture of what you need for decades to come, THEN you can back engineer or figure out the methods to get you there.
  4. You can use any of our systems from our site:  options trading systems and or stock trading systems.  Many of our options trading systems can be traded as stock trading systems, meaning that they trade one trade at a time.  Many of our options trading systems involving stacking positions as new entries arise for profit optimization whereas, although you can stack positions in stock, since stock is not really leveraged (not using margin either) then we would usually take very large position sizes relative to the trading account size.  Whereas with options, since they are so leveraged, we would only take a certain fraction of the account per trade.
  5. And we have specific strategies and systems in the “Millionaire Maker” genre as listed below that are designed for the perspective of large account growth due to the nature of the price action approaches in combination with other factors for giving us a bigger edge for bigger returns and more high probability returns for more aggressive position sizes.

We give you the education on how to figure out your own personal MLLIONZ plan.  And then we have the systems and strategies that are VERY GOOD that you can use for your vehicles to ride, to take you to your ideal MLLIONZ goal.  Additionally, we provide the perspective and mindset it takes to make MLLIONZ happen.  And that’s a big deal to know!

To get started start with the Options MLLLIONZ Course – How to Make Your First Mllion in Options & Beyond.  Then pick a system and a strategy which you can find below.   You will not be disappointed!

We also made this course to help a lot of people avoid a lot of trouble. Because in options, the tendency is to “push the envelope” too hard. And what ends up happening is people end up losing badly when they could have done very well, even making millions and beyond if they simply developed a strategic plan and stuck to it.

The concept of making a lot of mny fast is a double edged sword. It can be done but only by those who are highly trained in emotional mastery. It’s the emotional realm that gets one in trouble with trying to make a lot of mny fast. In order to make a lot of mny fast you need to scientifically and logically have a plan that can factually put you in that position to obtain big mny fast.  The problem is that most people get cut up chasing the thrill of making big mny fast and they get schmacked.

So firstly start with the Options MLLIONZ Course. Then from there you can develop your own strategy or system. Or purchase one of ours below designed specifically for this concept.

Options MLLIONZ Strategies


Options MLLIONZ Maker Strategy 1

Options MLLIONZ Maker Strategy 2

Options MLLIONZ Systems


MLLIONZ Maker System System 1

MLLIONZ Maker System System 2

MLLIONZ Maker System System 3

Here is the Options MLLNZ Program page

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