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Options Trading AUTHORITY Products Overview 4

Back to options trading authority product overview part 4 and now the question is what’s what are the best options systems for long-term durability?

Well technically all of our systems are developed in that style, to stand the test of time since we also look to use our own trading systems.  Most of our systems were designed into the trading for a good living style, what we call a certain style of systems development approach. We call it that because we want to be able to trade methods that can be repeatable over the long term for the sake of compounding. The big money is in the compounding not hitting some heroic trades every now and then.

So in order to compound profits over time you need a steady system that has the ability or the strong potential to produce a steady increase in one’s trading account size.  And then from there one would just increase their position size as their account grows.

So, what are the solid types of systems to use over time?  Now after RighSider3.0  and Options Weekly Paychecks System B v1.0 and 2.0 I would go into SlingShot 3.0 Options Swing trading system. I would also go into STACKERS3.0. 

I would also do MAEDAY2.3 and CYCLONECORE now and start with a small position there and let that start building because it’s so easy to trade.

And these selections are just from the classics we have other new systems too.

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