Trading Gravity Lines and Polarity in Price Action Phenomenon

Options Polarity Trading Gravity Lines and Polarity in Price Action Phenomenon

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We are going to start doing educational series blog post overtime. Series will help you get a perspective of the massive potential opportunity for trading the markets particularly with options and smartly trading options.

Unfortunately most people do not smartly trade options because they just don’t have the right perspective nor the right education. Additionally most people get involved in trading because they are desperate to make cash flow to pay the bills.

Well making cash flow to pay the bills is not a very noble goal. Of course it’s necessary but trading is a very strange thing. The markets will tend to manifest what you’re going for and what you really want. So if you are going for a very small goal then you will tend to be drawn towards ways of trading that will produce small results. That said in the marketplace the types of Trades that produce the small results also usually take the most work. And since you need to battle the markets in the emotional Realm that work usually ends up being too taxing for most, emotionally speaking.

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In the meantime enjoy the video above it’s just one in a series. But at this point also I would like for you to start thinking about setting bigger goals for trading. Maybe find some other type of online business for making cash flow for some of you. Four you may enjoy day trading. And probably the best opportunity in day trading if you want to start very small is Trading NADEX. You can find a bunch of NADEX binary options trading strategies and systems on our binary options site.

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