Why it's Smart to Start Your Own Formal Trading Company for Increasing Your Probability of Success in Trading for the Short Medium & Long Term 1

Why it’s Smart to Start Your Own Formal Trading Company for Increasing Your Probability of Success in Trading for the Short Medium & Long Term

Most people treat trading way too casually. The opportunity in the markets is tremendous. There are very many ways to make money in the markets. And each method, each system, for profiting in the markets can be employed and in a more organized way to become cash flow centers and networth centers.

And a great way to be able to handle all of these cash flow streams is to start an actual formal Trading Company. This means you would get an entity such as an LLC and you would start getting different brokerage accounts. Usually it’s better to separate trading systems in to different accounts. And eventually as you become more successful you can get software program to facilitate order management in through broker’s API.

When you have a formal business then trading takes on a new form of seriousness. We need this seriousness in the markets. We need this serious to be successful and to fend off the blatantly confused and lame attitudes and mindsets of the masses particularly from the financial media.

The problem with listening to financial media is that they make stuff up all the time and they don’t know what they’re talking about. Occasionally you’ll get an interview with someone wise and successful but other than that the talking heads are feeding your head and your emotions with all sorts of nonsense. Besides why are you listening to people tell you about the markets when they don’t even know how to trade themselves?

Even worse than that they’re projecting a mindset on to you which can cause losing. You don’t want their influence. They’re like brokers – historically brokers almost always lose their clients money. Why? Because if they knew how to trade they would not be a clerical worker as a broker.

You don’t want to make the markets more emotional. And most people who watch financial media get sucked into that circus and wonder why they’re not able to make profits in the markets.

What we suggest from our experience and they experience of many successful traders over the past century is to separate yourself from the marketplace and trade price action. That means you need to get a good price action system, learn how to trade it well and turn it into a habit so it doesn’t seem like effort.

And that’s why we make the trading systems we do which you can purchase from our website. We make our trading systems to be individual cash flow wealthbuilder centers. And fortunately for you we have released many of our systems that you can use to potentially trade a fantastic trading business while generating wealth and cash flow over time. And in addition to that, while having a serious business like approach to the trading the markets you can increase your long-term probability of success dramatically in the markets.

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