Winners Win Losers Lose

Winners Win Losers Lose

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to win and win all the time? What’s up with that?

On the other hand have you ever noticed that some people just seem to lose and they just keep on losing? Is there something wrong with these people? Of course there is but maybe not so fundamentally  Or health-wise although some may think so in order to sell them some pills…

What do winners do that make them win? What do losers do that make them lose?

These are life principle Concepts that very much apply intrading. When you are trading you tend to manifest what you believe and think very rapidly. Why is that? Because the round of trading is a higher intensity emotional Realm. And when emotions are higher we can tend to act on our beliefs and thoughts that are in our mind.

So the question one has to ask is –  what do winners believe that make them win? And what do losers believe that make them lose?

Have you ever got on a winning streak? Have you ever looked into yourself maybe see what was going on in your mind and in your heart?   There’s always a reason for everything so if you can find the reason you can find a secret key that you can exploit for repeated success.

And since you manifest what you think and believe then one would gather that Winners think and believe a certain way and losers think  and believe a certain way.

What is a belief exactly? A belief is a thought that is a mystery question. It’s surrounded by an aura of emotion which seeds that thought mystery question energy.   A belief is not a fact.   Once a belief becomes a fact it’s no longer a belief it’s just a fact.   Once you know the thought of the belief to be conferred true to you then you no longer have to believe in it because it has proven absolutely true to you. So therefore I believe is a question. And questions go into the subconscious for automatic processing.

Once you accept a believe it becomes a type of question that you are looking to prove true. So your subconscious goes about looking to prove that question true anyway it can.   So if One Believes they are a winner in that they always win,  firstly obviously that’s not a fact that’s a belief and it’s a belief into the future because he don’t know for a fact if you were going to win or not  in any given Endeavor particularly Trading options.   So if you believe you were a winner and you push that belief into your subconscious through actively Believing on that concept as a verb or by repetition  then your very powerful subconscious will go about  doing all I can to prove that believe true.

On the other hand if you accept the belief or purposely believe that you are a loser and you always lose  then your subconscious will go about trying to prove that you are a loser and will do everything it can to prove that belief.   It’s highly unfortunate that more people don’t understand this because they  unwittingly turn their trading into losing destroying even the best trading systems because they simply have accepted the belief or have programs of belief that they are a loser.

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