How to Become Done with Money 1

How to Become Done with Money

 “How to Become Done with Money”

Have you ever thought about the concept of being done with money?  I’m not talking about nonsense hype but about taking care of savings and cash flow so you don’t need to work in terms of exchanging your time, your efforts in a 1:1 ratio for earnings.

In order to become wealthy and do great things you will need to get the nuisances of having to produce a paycheck through your direct time and labor out of the way.  May I suggest to you a potential way to do this that many overlook:  a smart & solid trading system.

A using a solid trading system trading a couple, few minutes a day, running a swing or trend type of system can give you the cash flow, allowing you to build the cash flow up on the side, while you retain your current job.  Once the cash flow is built to a significant enough amount you can go “full time” with your new 10 minute a day job trading your swing or trend system.

Understand, that getting money done is something we must force ourselves to do.  No one is born with net worth thinking.   Wealth thinking must be learned and we must go against our emotions and the “crowd” to employ wealth strategies. Becoming wealthy does not happen “by feel” but by learned strategies, habits and mindsets of the current and past wealthy.

Many of you may think “money is bad”.  But we all need to take care of money and do a good job at it. There’s no question about that.  At least look to establish a back up cash flow plan and grow your savings.  Don’t be emotional or negative, just be smart, fight through your emotions, formulate a cash flow and wealth building plan and then execute it!

Here are some solid systems that could help you get started:

SlingShot3.0 Options System – swing trading.

Options Weekly Paychecks System B V2.0

Chart Pattern Riches



All of those systems are super solid year in and year out.  Look at employing one of those options systems for you.

Speaking of options, buying options allows you start with very little money.  You can grow a small amount in to a large amount by being methodical over time.  Buying options also limits your risk exposure in the markets as well since you are putting up less cash at risk.  That said there are pitfalls to avoid too as in trading with position sizes that are too big – we cover those pitfalls in our courses and pitfalls are correctable, preventable.

There’s no better time to start like NOW.  Whether it’s through on options trading system or not.  Force yourself to figure out a cash flow and net worth building plan now.  It’s just way too easy to let financial planning slip by.  And this time think bigger… Make a plan today for getting MONEY DONE!

See more here for the options trading systems mentioned above:   Options Trading Systems



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