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What Can I Do to Get Started Trading Right for a Living Right Away?

What Can I Do to Get Started Trading Right for a Living Right Away So I Succeed and Not Screw it Up??

Just take the next little action step.  That step will beget more steps.  
Can you personally start trading for a living right away? Absolutely you can. The process is to learn a good system and then getting good at that trading that system. The more you simply become good at the system the greater chance that you’re going to be able to execute it well in real time.
Other than that, you would have to look at your cash flow needed to coordinate with your position size while assuming you are going to trade a good system correctly and assuming that the good system will be performing well as usually, preferably on a good long winning streak as you start to trade. 
You have to look at your numbers and due your diligence.  Don’t be too dreamy minded lol – and that is easy to do yet  you must be excited about what you’re doing to succeed.  Understand we’re not in the crystal ball game but the probability game with the markets.  There is no for sure thing but there are things that happen over and over and over again in the markets a high percent of the time.  That’s what we’re looking to use.  Any consistency in the markets is a very good thing to find and trade. 
And if the system continues to perform and you continue to perform the system then the potential for successfully trading for a living starting now, is very real. 
Of course, you know we’re not allowed to promise future results or make promises a future returns so that’s why we use terms like “potential” and “probability”.  But hey, if you’re wanting to get trading for a good living going then  you’re going to have to do something.  Taking massive action while being very cautious with the funds you put into the markets, until you know what your doing is a smart way to go. 
And for you younger guys and gals out there, save yourself a lot of future pain and misery by trading super tiny for a long time until you know that you know in your sense of knowing, that you will succeed going forward. Trading with position sizes that are too big ALWAYS comes back to wreak havock on your trading account and your life in general. So avoid those whuppersnapper urges!  lol (Spoken from whuppersnapper experience:) 
So what system is best to start with?  It seems to us that SlingShot3.0 is a great start because it’s so fundamentally sound and proven over the years to be a consistent performer. Check it out:

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To your ever compounding success,
SlingShot Options Systems Dev and Trader Crew

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