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Social Security? Yeah right Imagine Cash Flowing Options for Weekly Paychecks

Social Security?  Yeah right !  Imagine Cash Flowing a Stash of Stocks for a 4x a Month, Weekly Paycheck!
To some the thought of retirement, saving and income into the future seems like a distant mystery hoped to just simply happen automatically some time down the road.
Passive income, retirement income is such a mystery to most that they just simply ignore the concept or ignore setting it up.   Well, if you become more logical and less emotional you can figure this out.   You can establish solid and simply ways of creating several cash flow streams that can net you out a profit throughout your retirement. Plus you’ll have something to hand down to your children and grandchildren.
But with options?  But with trading the markets?
Yes. How so?
Well firstly you have to be fair minded.  What do I mean? You have to be open to trying and testing a systematic method, one that is logical, has a logical probability of winning xx percent over time.  The system has to be straight forward and not some mystery, not some black box either.  And no way you can trust a “robot” long term.
You are looking to run a simplified system in a simple methodical way over time.  You start SMALL in your position sizing.  You use only a small fraction of your trading account per trade (with leveraged instruments you do although somewhat different with stocks, and selling options).
Then you let the system math just do it’s thing over time. With a solid performing system, eventually you’ll hit a “critical mass” point where your account starts to compound at impressive rates.  You can grow an account through compounding to the point where you are satisfied with the cash flow levels it can pay out i.e. $20,000 a week is a decent paycheck for most.

Covered Calls MASTERY, + EXTREME + THETABULLY Could Be Your Ticket to Figuring Out a Retirement Cash Flow plan

Here are three powerful products that completely remake covered calls.  Covered calls strategy is a weak one on it’s own.  It needed to be fixed, so, I fixed it and then turbo boosted them so you have an potential income enhanced plan (and money saving plan) for when you start starts to break upwards, downwards, oscillate sideways or consolidate.

Add to your knowledge, your ability, your skills in covered calls. You will feel a lot more confident in your future ability to cash flow nicely into retirement etc.  when you do.

Yes how about I just show you more information here on these products.

We’ll talk more about these concepts as we go along.  Feel free to contact us with your questions.

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