Option Trading Strategies

Options Trading Strategies

There are different types of options strategies systems and they need to be defined:

  1. Option Trading Strategies:  are price based trading strategies that trade price based action trigger setups while trading options (usually just buy calls or buy puts).  So we define options trading strategies as entry and exit triggers, formulas derived from price charts.  You could swing trade with credit and debit spreads for some potentially pretty neat results too!  A strategy is a one time optimized event designed for optimal probability of a win.
  2. Options Strategy Systems: are defined as using a options strategy, such as credit spreads, and trading a price action trigger setup via price charts with entry, stop loss and exit for the options strategy.  We define an options strategy as an option combination strategy such as: Covered calls, credit spreads, debit spreads, straddles, sprinkles, butterflies, ratio back spreads, Calendar spreads… i.e. see “Credit Spreads EXTREME” for an example of an options strategy system below.
  3. Options Strategies: for further clarity are just options combinations such as covered calls, credit spreads, naked options, ratio backspreads, straddles, strangles, butterflies etc..

We have several options trading strategies studies available.  More importantly we have Options Trading Strategy Systems created for you.

Frankly speaking, “options strategies” which are options combination strategies do not make money on their own.   Covered calls, spreads, nakeds, straddles, butterflies, condors etc… – they are not a money making strategy on their own as many options authors make them seem.  Options strategies are not magical money making gimmicks as other authors make them seem.

That said, options strategies combined with a price strategy can make money, and potentially a lot of money over time.  There are endless numbers of options trading books and courses that blabber on about the possibilities of options, but few (if any) give you an EXACT way of entering and exiting, with a money management position sizing system.  But we do.  We actually trade options and have done so for decades now.  We know what it takes to make money, keep it and grow it and we believe we can help you accomplish this too.

Options Trading Strategies:  These Are Price Based Trading Strategies Using Options, Usually Buy Calls or Buy Puts, Although You

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Here Are Our Options Strategy Systems:  These are options combination strategies (i.e. a covered call) with a price based trading system:

 07  06  05  04
Naked Puts Extreme – Naked puts selling system with excessive risk bottlenecks removed.  Naked Calls Extreme – with new risk management procedures no not neglect the power of selling naked calls as a net worth building tool with this system. Covered Calls Extreme – Covered Calls trading system plus protection.  4 New ways of making money.   You’re going to really love it when your stock tanks from now on! (and when it goes up too while avoiding selling calls at the start of up moves plus more…)  Credit Spreads Extreme – Credit Spreads trading system taking credit spreads to a new level.

Here Are Our Options Combination Strategy Courses

covered calls trading
covered calls options
naked call trading


Covered Calls Mastery Program Products

Credit Spreads Mastery Program Products

Naked Puts Program Products

Naked Calls Program Products

 Here Are Our Weekly Options Strategy Systems

 04  sell weekly naked options  weekly options micro swing trading  weekly options credit spreads
THETABULLY – covered calls with weekly options! 4 Times the Opportunity! Shows entries and exits PremiumPILLAGE – Claim Plump Weekly Options Premium in a Systematic Way – Weekly Options Naked Calls and Naked Puts Selling System DetaSTRYK – Aggressive Micro Swing Weekly Options System – buying weekly options calls and put CreditSNIPE – Weekly Options Credit Spreads – sell them systematically.

Options Strategies – Options Combination Strategies Courses

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Option Trading Strategies 3

Option Trading Strategies 4

Option Trading Strategies 5

Option Trading Strategies 6

Option Trading Strategies 7


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Option Trading Strategies 8

Option Trading Strategies 9

Option Trading Strategies 10

Option Trading Strategies 11


Options Trading Strategies – from Options Trading AUTHORITY.  Find Your New Way to Trade Options with Pin Point Precision.  Check Our Our Products or Contact Us to Better Find a Solution…