Do You Know How to Read an Emotional Line? Swing Trading Options

Do You Know How to Read an Emotional Line?

Do You Know How to Read an Emotional Line?

Why Get OTA CORE Options Trading System and Put it to Work Immediately?

It’s a skill developed from watching the markets since age 6 and intensely studying the markets from age 12 onwards, that in combination with intensive classical music experience. 

Those 2 things were what I used, primarily to pin point a motivated trend and ride the moves within those trends.  As in music, or speaking even, no one keeps talking non stop word after word sentence after sentence.  

Ideas are grouped.  There are pauses for reflection.  And there are pauses for breathing as well. 

Intuition trading takes a lot of focus and energy and can tend to focus on only one opportunity in a while. Frankly, it was quite draining.  Then one day in my whupper snapper years, I heard about this concept called “a trading system” where you could figure out entry and exit rules on a price chart to make trading more profitable, to take advantage of way more profit opportunities and to make the whole trading process WAY easier. 

In fact, trading a system well, swing trading and trend trading, takes so LITTLE work that it’s hard to ONLY do that little amount of exact work for MOST aspiring traders in the markets.  We humans tend to always want to put our opinions on things, which way the markets or a stock is going to go.  

But we all have to learn.  We all have to practice to learn a system then just simply execute that system.  We can find entertainment and drama from other things.  But no longer is it a good idea to look for entertainent, excitment and drama the markets. 

OTA CORE now makes it much easier to trade this powerful intuitive method over and over and over again in order to take advantage of way more opportunities, in a simple, low time required (2-5 min a night or less), low stress way!


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