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The 25 Minute Work Week

Introducing the 25 Minute Work Week Program and Concept of Aiming for a 25 Minute Work Week and Trading in Order to Develop Income That Surpasses Your Job Income, Preferably Far Surpasses Your Job Income.

Now it’s good to have these types of  bigger picture concepts such as a “25 minute work week” that focus us into an end benefit in trading. Why so?

Because we need focus in the markets. Because there are so many distractions, there are so many opportunities, there are so many different ways to trade, there are so many other distractions in life particularly in this technological age. 

We need to focus on a benefit that is good, that makes us feel good and that makes as feel happy.   And being able to work 25 minutes a week while immediately or eventually 2xing, 4xing, 10xing, 50xing, 100xing… your paycheck from work is a pretty sweet deal and you’ll also look like a genius in the process. 

The 25 Minute Work Week concept is about a particular style of trading that takes usually under 5 minutes a night sometimes even a few seconds a night to do.

What does it take to do this 25 Minute Work Week concept?  You need to get good at a solid trading system that has a high probability of continuing on into the future, what it has been doing years into the past.  I pasted some of those types of trading systems below.  And technically you can make an argument for ALL of our trading systems. 

One of the primary ways to trade in the 25 Minute Work Week concept is Swing trading.  Sign up below to get more info about this program.

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Taking only a few minutes a night to trade? Does that sound like a gimmick to you? Well it’s not. Why? If you trade more than that, if you involve yourself more than that you’ll screw it up!  The trading system is designed to only take a couple, few minutes a night.  That’s what swing trading, power swing, power trend or trend trading takes – only a couple, few minutes a night.  There’s nothing else to do!  And the best you can do is simply trade the system with no other thinking or guessing or making stuff up.

We are going to show you how to start a trading business, like a real trading business where you treat it with utmost seriousness, and you apply a business operation system or in other words a trading system. And here we look mostly to you swing Trading but we can also use powertrend trading, position trading, trend trading and other various strategies.

Also the 25 Minute Work Week concept focuses on efficiency. It’s very important to be efficient for most people. Most people are not professional traders and they do not want to spend all day in front of the markets nor do you have to. With the 25 Minute Work Week approach it’s actually counterproductive to spend more than 5 minutes at night on average.

All we want to do is trade a system by the system rules and that’s it. We don’t look to watch the markets. We just look for our entries and exits and that’s it. By doing this you put yourself in the greatest position to succeed.

You can read about this concept in the book how I made $2 million dollars in the stock market by Nicholas Darvis that you can find on Amazon and elsewhere.  I would read that book 4 to 5 times and take notes.  There is a lot to learn and there are many principles that you’ll start to understand more as you gain more experience in trading. 

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