What Options System is Best for a Small Account? 1

What Options System is Best for a Small Account?

What Options System is Best for
a Small Account?

We had this question asked today:  What Options System is Best for a Small Account?

Although we can’t advise you or tell you what to do we can tell you about our systems and how they were designed to meed certain trading needs.

If you have a small account you have a couple options:

a. Swing trading overnight positions  (I mention “overnight” do to the “pattern trader rule”  that was instituted back when to “protect” the small investor .

b. Micro swing trading but you need to hold positions overnight

c.  Binary options day trading

What’s best?

Well what’s best is to learn about optimal position sizing and mney management strategies.  Learn that first.  We teach you this in our courses. You’re not going to go very far in trading if you develop the roulette strategy “put it all on red 7”

On that note;  Challenge us.  Send us your ideal trading system idea, if you could have any system, or any trading system was possible what would this system be like?   Describe it as detailed as you can and send it too us. We’ve made some brilliant systems this way. in the past

That said with a small account size here are some ideas::

a. a swing trading system is most appropriate.
Therefore:  SlingShot3.0 or Power Trend trading like REVERB8


What Options System is Best for a Small Account? 2

You can reduce your risk per position size more with micro swing trading.  You just can’t get in an out of a position within a week due to that ‘pattern day trading rule’.


With a small account you have to be very aggressive in keeping costs (losses), if they happen, to a minimum.  The system courses also provide at mney management position size system

b. binary trading:  it’s day trading. You can get started with a couple hundred bucks even.   Day trading is very good to learn and helps with regular trading.  But depending on your personality it can be hard or it can be more like a challenging video game.  You can start with the lights systems and strategies and build your way up to pro then ultra class:   See BinaryOptionsAUTHORITY.com for more on that.

For details just look at our product page (optionstradingauthority.com/products)  to pin point the system for you and then just go to the contact link on the site to ask questions.  It’s better to have your questions answered then to miss out.  What if one of these systems actually worked for you?   Yeah, that would be sweet wouldn’t it!



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