Trade Options for a Living

Trading is the best Business, the best career there is if you can settle down into doing it for a living.

The education required is really not that much compared to any other field of study although there is certain amount to learn. Unfortunately people get carried away thinking that they don’t even need to learn the little that there is to learn. So they get lazy and try to wing it.  While if they just would’ve paid a few dues upfront they could have a potential awesome lifestyle, working minutes a day, while accumulating greater and greater cash flow and net worth.

How is this done specifically? Well when you learn to systems trade in a very solid way you put yourself in a position to run trading as a business, as a career. When you trade a solid price action method that has stood the test of time you can position yourself to potentially get similar returns year after year and then compound those returns. So not only is your account growing at a faster rate so is your cash flow. Do you see?

So take the time to learn how to trade options well. We’re here to help you. We’re here to teach you. We want winners. Winners are people who will get the job done period.  If you’re willing to do what it takes to win  were willing to do what it takes to help you.

The Re-Learn Options Program

That would be great wouldn’t it.  Really.  Like actually imagine if you could truly figure it out and actually know what to do, really get good at trading options…  Just think if you could actually trade options for a few hours a day.   What if you could trade options 10 minutes a day, build cash flow, build net worth and potentially grow a very large account over time.

Is it possible?

Is it possible for you?  Could YOU do it?

If you’re a functional human, I don’t see why not.  Why is that?  When you learn the principles of correct trading and combine that with a solid options trading system, you put yourself in a very good position to potentially, consistently make profits over time in options trading.

So How Do We Trade Options for a Living?

  1. You can swing trade, day trade, trend trade options
  2. You can buy options, sell options or combine both
  3. But ultimately you need not only a strategy but a system.  A system is a method, a strategy we repeat over and over as soon as we see our set up and trigger, without thinking, without guessing, without trying to optimize in real time.  And no matter what, we just take our trading signal that our trading systems gives us.
  4. Once we can reduce trading to a couple, few simple set of actions, where we can trade cerebrally, non emotionally, then we have the makings of an options trading business

Well, one of the problems in options trading for most is that most people don’t know much about options trading.  Why’s that?  Because a lot of bad marketing has been out there over the years, a lot of bad options courses plus bad options books have been training people the wrong way in options. Most simply don’t know the truth about options!

We differ at Options Trading Authority in that we look to identify “what is” and then build our strategy upon the facts and the truth.  When you identify the cold hard facts then you can progress forward by making creative strategies, coming up with creative approaches to solve problems.

Fortunately you have an opportunity to re-learn options the right way.  And if you’re just starting out in options trading you’ve come to the right place.  So feel happy and get excited. 

We’ve created options trading courses as you’ll see below in order to help you get on the right track.  You will know your fundamentals and put yourself in a position to succeed over the long term in options trading.

In order to be able to position yourself to “Trade for a Good Living” you’ll need to know what you are doing, know options, how to trade options and you’ll need an exact trading plan, an operations manual that comes with one of our trading systems:

Know Options:

Options Courses


NEW!  Practical Options 101 V. 2.0 – Updated!

Best Options 101 Course

Options Systems – A Blueprint, An Operations Manual within the Realm of the “Trading for a Good Living Philosophy”