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There are many types of options.  Well technically there are only two types of options: calls and puts.  But then we have variations on calls and puts:  binary options, vanilla options, commodity options, stock options, Forex options, futures options, currency options…

You can buy options. You can sell options short.  You can buy and sell options short at the same time (can’t do that with stocks!)  and combine them in all sorts of interesting, potentially profitable, risk reducing scenarios.

Options strategies are a different category.  For example you can buy calls, buy puts, sell calls, sell puts, bull call spreads, bear call spreads, bear put spreads, bull put spreads, condors, butterflies, ratio back spreads, strangles, straddles, strips, straps, butterflies, guts, calendar spreads, covered calls, covered puts etc…

Obviously, this website is about options trading.  We are not that interested in theory for the sake of theory.  We are interested in the END RESULT which is making, keeping and growing money through options trading.  You will see from our content, products and services on this site that we are concerned also about helping you if you want to find success in options trading.  Please join our newsletter to find out how you can get started with Options Trading Authority.

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